10 Best Homeopathic Medicine For Hair Regrowth

Hair fall and baldness has become a global problem at an early age due to which the youth are also facing problems like stress. Due to hair loss at a young age, people lack confidence, due to which they also have to face stress and depression related problems.

It is common if you have 50 to 100 hairs strands fall per day, because dead hair falls and new hairs grow in their follicles. But if you see hair fall more than this everyday then it becomes serious and needs to hair fall treatment.

In homeopathy, there is more than one medicine available for hair fall related problems which not only treat them but also eliminate its causes forever. There can be many reasons for hair loss, the major reasons for these are explained below.

If your hair is falling due to any of the reasons given below, then you can use any remedy among the 10 best homeopathic medicine for hair regrowth. These remedy can eliminate hair fall forever and can help new hair grow again.

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What are causes of hair loss?

(1) Nutritional deficiencies-

Since hair is made of keratin protein, so it is very important to have sufficient protein in the diet. Due to protein, hair regrow in their resting period.

Lack of iron in food also affects the hair badly. Particularly women often suffering deficiency of iron, so their hair starts falling fastly.

Often intake of junk food/fast food also increases hair loss due to malnutrition of nutrients in your body. Untimely food taking and leaving breakfast daily is one of the reasons of hair fall.

In the absence of green leafy vegetables, protein rich and vitamin C-rich foods and fruits, the hair is not getting proper nutrition, due to which hair starts falling.

(2) Hair styling

Nowadays mostly peoples especially women’s are use hair dryer to dry their hair quickly and later a very wrong effect on the hair.

In addition to this, the hair straightener also affect their hair, because warm airwaves of dryer and warm therapy of straightener both can weaken of hair root, result hair losses occur.

Frequently colouring and dying or bleaching of hair lead to weaken and break of hair root. Because these substances may be contain harmful chemicals for hair growth.

(3) Stress

Irrespective of stress, mantle or physical it can be responsible for hair loss. New hair growing disrupt and reaming hair fall due to stress.

Over secretion of stress hormones can badly affected the hair follicles. It is temporary, the hair loss stops as soon as the stress is over.

(4) Skin/scalp infection

Some skin-related infections such as psoriasis, tinea infection or other fungal infection etc infect your scalp of which there is a accumulation of dead cells on the skin of the scalp, and new hair does not grow due to obstruction in the way of hair follicle. It is due to unhygienic and frequently touch their hair Old hair starts falling.

(5) Hormonal changes

It has a great effect on hair due to hormonal imbalance in both men and women. The pattern of hair fall that occurs in men and women is different in both.

In males it may be the various specific shape such as crown shape on the front head, while in the females there is a decrease in the density of the hair on entire head.

Androgen and dihydrotestosterone mainly responsible for hair loss or alopecia. Excessive intake of birth control pills can causes of hair loss in female.

(6) Genetic-

Androgenic alopecia is genetic mostly in men (also in women) in specific age usually after 40 years. If your Father or Grandfather have faced Alopecia then you may have high chance to face this problem too.

Hair follicles have large number of androgenic receptor which are present specific site for attachment from DTH(dihydrotestosterone). It can be inherited to parents to son through gene.

(7) Alopecia Areata-

It is an autoimmune disorder. In this disease, your immune system considers any part of your own body to be an enemy, and attacks on it. In this, your immune system mistakenly considers hair to be your enemy. Due to this, hair starts falling.

(8) Drug/Medication

Many drug such as anti malarial, anti cancer, anti anche, and drugs for epilepsy, high blood pressure and gout etc can be also causes of hair loss.

In cancer treatment, after chemotherapy total baldness occur due to side effects of medicines. A study show that an excessive intake of vitamin A can lead to hair loss. In female, deficiency of vitamin D can causes of female patterns hair loss.

(9) After pregnancy-

Complaints of hair loss are seen in most women after pregnancy. It is a normal phenomenon in which the body tries to achieve its former state, due to which there are some hormonal and biochemical changes occur in the body. Due to which the problem of hair loss remains for some time.

(10) Thyroid problems

Due to hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism both conditions are affect hair root health, so it can make causes of hair loss.

(11) Menopause

In females after menopause, hair can be very thin and weaken in most of women. This condition occur above 50 year of age.

(12) Aging

Hair growth is affected due to aging of hair follicles. It is common age above 50 or higher.

Can homeopathy regrow lost hair?

Before knowing the answer to this question, you must understand one thing that if there is a hair follicle left in the scalp of head, then new hair can be grown.

If there is no hair follicle left in the head and it has become completely bald, then it is impossible to grow new hair from it now.

Because so far no medicine has been made that can cure the total baldness and grow new hair completely. For this, only one solution is available and that is hair transplant.

Total baldness occurs mostly in androgenic alopecia. In the rest of the case there is no total hair loss and hair follicles are also left in it, due to which growing new hair is not a difficult task for homeopathy.

If hair fall occurs due to any type of mental or physical stress, drugs or medication or due to any skin disorder/infection or hormonal changes or thyroid or after pregnancy or any other reason, it can not only be prevented by homeopathy but can be completely cure.

For proper growth of hair, hair follicles should be very healthy. Toxic substances present in the body can be easily removed by proper homeopathy treatment, which hinders the growth of new hair. Homeopathic medicine stimulates the body itself for the detoxification process.

How to Homeopathic medicines work in case of hair fall?

Homeopathic medicine treats the root causes of hair losses according to patient’s symptoms and help these hair follicles to make healthy and strong.

Homeopathic medicines are based on the symptoms, so it is necessary to have an experienced physician who can match the patient’s symptoms and the symptoms of the medicine exactly.

Proper nutrition should be given to the hair with homeopathic medicines, this nutrition you will get from your healthy food, which contains sufficient amount of proteins, mineral, and vitamin c rich frouits.

It is helpful in keeping all the hair healthy. Apart from this, it is also necessary to wash the hair periodically, oilying and protect it from fungal infections.

10 Best Homeopathic Medicine For Hair Regrowth

There are best treatment of hair fall/loss available in homeopathy. Each homeopathic medicine has its own specific symptoms, so the before taking any medicine/remedy first match your symptoms with medicine’s symptoms then select your medicines. Now let’s see 10 best homeopathic medicine for hair regrowth and keeping healthy.

(1) Lycopodium clavatum

Lycopodium is made of highly diluted and potentize club moss. It is considere one of the top homeopathic medicine for any type hair fall e.g. premature graying, thining, hair loss etc both men and women.

You can use Lycopodium, for whatever reason the hair fall is happening. In case of female if hair loss occur after child birth or after menopause, then it is effective in this situation.

(2) Phosphorus

If the causes for your hair fall is change in weather, change in place, change or environment or change in water etc then this medicine is best for you.

It also use in case of dandruff in the head and results Hair fall. This medicine is especially prescribed to those who are suffering hair loss from the frontal portion of the head in crown shape and hair falling in the form of bunches.

(3) Thuja occidentalis

It is best work on dry and scaly dandruff scalp. This medicine is very useful for if hair became dry and very thin.

(4) Natrum muriaticum

Natrum mur is potentize form of sodium chloride (common salt). This is one of the best homeopathic medicine for hair regrowth in women after pregnancy or child birth.

This medicine is very useful for women who start having hair fall after delivery. It is also useful for women who have scalp flaky and also have itchy head.

Hair starts disappearing from the frontal part of the head. It also works very well in hair fall due to iron deficiency(anemia).

(5) Acid phos

If hair loss has started after some illness and the patient is also experiencing weakness, this medicine works very well in this condition.

(6) Carbo veg

Carbo veg is often beneficial for those women who start having hair loss after pregnancy.

(8) Graphites

For those people who have thyroid problems and because of this, their hair is dry and is falling out, then Graphites is a very good medicine for this.

In case of Alopecia areata:

(9) Fluoricum Acidum

This medicine is well work in case of alopecia areata which is autoimmune disorder. In this condition, spots are formed on tha scalp of head in which the hair loss completely at that place.

These hairless spot increase further with time. Second condition, If someone is experiencing hair loss due to cancer(chemotherapy), typhoid, chikungunya, dengue or any fungal infection etc then Fluoricum acid very helpful.

(10) Calcarea carbonica

Calcarea carb is consider best homeopathic medicine for hair regrowth. It is well work in case of hair dryness, brittle hair, form double or triple branches in single hair,excess tangling, premature graying etc.

(*) Jaborandi Q

It is applied directly to scalp of the head in the form of mother tincture(Q). Jaborandi Q should be mixed with same quantity of oil, and massage it gently in the head.

Always oil should be like coconut or any other simple oil which does not have any special smell. It is beneficial for people who have oily skin.

On touching her skin, there is viscosity like oil. If there is hair loss due to excess oil, then this combination oil is very useful for you. You can also purchase Jaborandi oil from any homeopathic medical shop.

(*) Dr. Reckeweg r89

You can also use the homeopathic medicine Dr. Reckeweg r89 to grow new hair, it is a very good medicine especially growth for new hair. You can take it 10 drops in warm lukewarm water in the morning. It should be take for a long time (6 – 7 months) fir full results.

Direction for uses- Before taking any medicine, medical supervision is necessary, consultant your physician know about doses of medicine.

Best oiling method on scalp of head:

The correct way to do oiling in the head is to massage the scalp with a gently hand for 10 minutes. Wash your head after 4 or 5 hours of massaging it, or massage it with oil in the head before going to sleep at night and wash it in the morning.

Because the oil is kept in the head for a long time, there is moisture in the head which can cause fungal infection. Massaging the scalp with a gently hand increase blood flow to your scalp’s blood vessels, which is essential for nourishing the hair roots.

Wash your hair two to three times a week with a natural chemical-free shampoo. You can use Arnica Hair & Scalp Shampoo, it is very good to prevent hair fall.

Bottom line

After reading above article you knew that major causes of hair fall/ loss. You also knew about ” Top 10 Homeopathic medicines for hair regrowth”. Homeopathic medicines are gives long life relieves as compared conventional medicine.

Homeopathy is able to completely cure of any problem s. Medical supervision is necessary before taking any of the medicines mentioned above.

It is important to consult a homeopathic physician before taking the medicine, as homeopathic medicines can vary according to symptoms of each person.

You can ask more questions about homeopathic medicine for hair regrowth. Don’t hesitate and leave your questions in the comment box with your symptoms and age.

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    • Dr.VK Singh says:

      Hello Abhinav, Head pr hair root jise follicles khte hai, inke bache rhne pr hi new hair naturally life me dubara aa skte hai. Apki hair line pichhe ja rhi “M” shape me, agr apko genetics alopecia hai i.e apke father ya grand father ko baldness ki problem thi to in future apko asi problem ka samna krna pdega but abhi apki age kafi kam hai to ise Homeopathic dwao se roka ja skta hai. Aap reckweg R89 dwa ki 15-20 drops 1/4th cup pani me din me 3 bar 5-6 months tak piye.Yah dwa kisi bhi Homeopathic medical store ya online mil jayegi. Iske sath hi jaborandi hair oil balo me rat ke samay lgaye. Protein aur vitamin C aur E wale foods products ka adhik sewan kre. Apne najdiki achhe homeopathic doctor se aap consult kr skte hai.

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