10 Myth And Fact Of Homeopathy

Did you know homeopathy is second largest medicinal system in the world after allopathy? You may surprise to listen amazing facts about Homeopathic medicine discovery, history, preparation, potentiation etc. In this article we want to give this information about 10 myth and fact of homeopathy to all of you. The truth of homeopathy which you people have not been able to know yet.

10 Common myth and fact of homeopathy

The many of peoples have misconceptions about homeopathy, it is absolutely wrong. But due to these myth, many peoples are not taking fully advantage of Homeopathic medicines.

There are many misconceptions in the society regarding homeopathic medicine and the medicines uses in it, which need to be removes. Let us know about some such illusions and their truth-:

(1) Myth-

Homeopathic medicines have a delayed effect?


In most of the cases, the patient goes to the Homeopathy doctor for the treatment of chronic disease or more than one disease which takes time to cure.

(2) Myth-

This method first aggravates the disease and then cures it?


If the disease is suppressing before coming to the Homeopathic physicians, then many times spend during the treatment the old suppressed symptoms reappear which is normal process. But this aggravation is temporary and goes soon itself.

(3) Myth-

These sweet pills is work as placebo and do not have much effect?


Homeopathic medicines are prepare in alcoholic solution. These white pills act as medicine carriers. By taking these white tablets, the medicine present in them gets absorb through the tongue and goes into the body.

(4) Myth-

Diabetic patient should not take these pills?


The amount of sugar in these medicines is negligible (nano dose). Therefore, diabetic patients can get treatment by this method.

(5) Myth-

This medicine is based on belief, so it has no authenticity?


All homeopathic medicines are scientifically proven. After testing these drugs on healthy women and men of every age group, the symptoms obtained from them are made the basis of this system of medicine.

(6) Myth-

It has to be avoided a lot?


Homeopathic medicines are absorbed by the tongue, so it is important to clean the tongue and mouth for atleast 15 minutes before and after taking them. In this treatment, the patient is advised to follow normal diet according to the disease.

(7) Myth-

During homeopathic medicine the patient cannot take other medicines in emergency?


It is not so, the patient can take other medicines.

(8) Myth-

Are all homeopathic medicines the same?


No, these medicines are only similar in appearance. In this method, the medicine is select for each patient not on the basis of disease but on the basis of symptoms and personality.

(9) Myth-

Homeopathy does not work in emergency?


Homeopathy works very well even in emergency. It is depend upon acute and chronic disease.

(10) Myth-

Is homeopathic remedies contain steroids and other harmful heavy metals?


The first thing you should know about preparation of Homeopathic remedies is that there is follow strictly standardization process which are mention in authorised official pharmacopoeia. And during potentiation of crude drugs, there is nothing remains any particals of such metals. Only energy form convey with remedies.

Although Homeopathic remedies can be positive for steroids test because natural steroids may present in medicine as a active principal but energy form. And there is no side effects at all.

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