15 Best Source Of Protein Rich Foods

Protein is an important constituent of our daily diet. Protein is also called the building block of the body because protein is necessary for the growth and repair of the body’s cells and tissues. We meet the needs of protein by including it in our diet either vegen or non- veg foods. There are two main sources of protein: plant and animals. In this article, we’ll tell about 15 best source of protein rich foods for muscle gain fastly and being healthy.

Why are proteins important to us?

Proteins carry out various functions in different aspects of our body. It participates in the repair and growth of our cells, tissues, muscles, skin, hair etc.

Protein itself strengthens our immune system, producing antibodies. Protein is responsible for repairing your damaged cells and formation of new cells that lead to gain muscle mass.

Along with this, protein also participates in making immunity of our body and helps the body in fighting against diseases. Most of hormones and all enzymes are made up of proteins.

Those people who want to increase their muscles mass and go to the gym for hard exercise, they need protein much more amount than normal guys. Because after exercise, protein is needed for the repair of dead cells and tissue of our body. Apart from this, protein is also required for staying healthy.

According to a scientific study shows that taking sufficient protein in diet also help you lose weight and belly fat alongwith muscle gain.

In this way, the presence of protein in our diet becomes very important. Protein deficiency leads to muscular atrophy. Lack of protein in young children leads to serious and fatal diseases called Marasmus and Kwashiorkor.

How much protein should you eat daily?

According to Dietary Reference Intake(DRI) for protein, the protein requirement for infants, growing child, adults male and females are following giving in the nutrition chart.

Age groupProtein requirement
14-18 (Boys)52
14-18 (Girls)46
19-70 (Men)56
19-70 (Women)46

The avarage protein requirement for adults is 0.8gm per kg weight per day for keep healthy to your body. But it can be increase according to your need if you do regular hard exercise or other physical activities. Your can check your daily protein need according to your weight and height by protein calculator.

How much protein do you need after exercise?

Those peoples who want to gain their muscles mass and do regular exercising. So the need of sufficient amount of protein become very important.

The most frequently asked questions that ” how much protein require during exercising”?, Fitness experts are say it depend on individual’s physical activities, age and gender. It may be vary according person to person.

An avarage 1.2 to 1.4 gm per kg body weight protein is require for exercising individual. It can be obtain from either foods including vegitables and fruits or whey protein suppliment.

Protein calculator may also give you approximate results about your protein requirement.

Lets go now and see what is best source of high protein rich foods which can be require for optimum muscle mass growth.

15 High Protein Rich Foods For Muscle Gain

(1) Egg

Protein Rich Foods

Absolutely egg is excellent and easy source of protein for vegetarians and non vegetarian both. An average one large egg(50gm) give approx 7 gram protein and 80 calorie from egg white and yolk both i.e. whole egg.

Yes, you listen right that egg yolk also give half of egg white protein (nearly 3gram out of 7gm). Most of peoples not aware about yolk protein so they remove it.

But it is also true that egg yolk contain much amount of fat also. So if you eat agg for healthy purpose then you must take full egg without removing yolk.

If you want muscle gain then you should take egg white only and one or two yolk also. Yolk also contain vitamin A, E and B-6, B-12 etc. It is major source of dietary cholesterol and saturated fatty acid. Exercising peoples may be avoided yolk of egg.

Some peoples are being allergy from egg so they can be avoid and opt to go other protein rich foods.

Amount of protein in different size of boil egg :

Egg SizeAmount of Protein
Small (38gm) 4.9 gm
Medium (44gm) 5.7 gm
Large (50gm) 6.5 gm
Extra large (56gm) 7.3 gm

(2) Soy products

Protein Rich Foods

Soy products contain high amount of protein among plant based protein. Soy products are contain between 15 to 40 gram protein per 100 grams. These are best alternative sources of protein rich foods for vegetarians.

Even lactose intolerance peoples are also take it without any risk. Soy products including soyabean, Soy milk, soy protein, soy flour, soy nuts, tofu etc. These are vary in amount of protein, carb, fibers and other nutrients.

Amount of protein in various soy products:

Soy productsAmount of Protein
Soyabean chunks (100gm) 52 gm
Tofu (100gm) 8 gm
Soy milk (1cup) 8 gm
Soy flour (100gm)38

(3) Chicken breast

Protein Rich Foods

Chicken breast consider as high lean protein rich diets for muscle gain especially for bodybuilder and exercising peoples. It has much amount of protein and very less amount of saturated fat. It is best option of protein non vegetarian peoples.

Protein content: 100 gram boiled chicken has 31 gram protein.

(4) Cheese

Protein Rich Foods

Those peoples who are dependent on only vegitables, fruits and diary products to full fill your protein requirement, cheese is best option for protein sources. But one problem comes is that cheese have also contain much amount of fat.

But some other varient of cheese have low fat also. Instead of protein, cheese has also contain high in calsium, phosphorus, Cyanocobalamin (vit B12), riboflavin (vit B2) and other minerals and essential amino acids.

Protein content in various varient of cheese :

Cheese varient
(100 gm)
Amount of protein
Swiss cheese 27 gm
Cottage cheese 11gm
Gote cheese 22 gm
Cheddar cheese 25 gm
Mozarella cheese 28 gm
Feta cheese 14 gm

(5) Beans or Legumes

Protein Rich Foods

Beans especially legumes have much amount of protein. These proteins are considere as high quality protein and benificial for especially vegitarian peoples. Instead of protein, beans have also fibers and minerals in good amount.

Amount of protein in beans/legumes :

Amount of protein
Kidney bean 24 gm
Chickpea 19 gm
Lentils 9 gm
Mung 24 gm

(6) Sea foods

Protein Rich Foods

Seafood including tuna, sardines, mackerel, salmon, cod and other fishes etc have rich in high quality protein alongwith omega 3 fatty acids. But problem is that these are not easily available anywhere. Sometimes it may get as frozen form. Seafoods are also rich in pro-vitamin which are very benificial for health and fitness alongwith bodybuilding.

Amount of protein in various seafoods :

(100 gm)
Amount of protein
Salmon 20 gm
Mackerel 19 gm
Tuna 28 gm
Sardines 24 gm
Cod 17

(7) Nuts and Seeds

Protein Rich Foods

Nuts and seeds are also contain much more amount of protein and fibers. Peanut, cashew nut, walnut, oats and almonds some best source of protein. So as pumpkin seeds and chia seeds are also have good amount of protein.

Muscles gainer peoples are frequently use this nuts and seed to get daily requirement of protein. Eating peanut butter alongwith brown bread is also best protein rich foods. Nut allergic peoples should be avoid it

Amount of protein in nuts and seeds :

Nuts and seeds
(100 gm)
Amount of protein
Peanut 26 gm
Cashew nut 18 gm
Walnut 16 gm
Almonds 21 gm
Pumpkin seeds 30 gm
Chia seeds 17 gm

(8) Milk and milk derived products

Protein Rich Foods

Milk and their derivatives have good amount of protein but saturated fat also occur in much amount. Protein occur as two form in milk. First form is casein protein which is insoluble in water. And second form is whey protein which is soluble in water.

Besides this, essential amino acids, minerals like calsium and phosphorus, vitamin B2, vitamin D, and vitamin B12 are also present in sufficient amount.

Good bacteria like lactobacillus are also found in curd and yoghurt which are very benificial for your digestive system.

In this way a complete nutrients present in milk and other dairy products like yoghurt, curd, cheese etc. Skimmed milk or zero fat milk is consider best protein rich diets for health because most of fats are remove from it and remain only protein, sugar and minerals.

Those peoples who are lactose intolerance i. e. unable to digest milk or being allergic from milk or its derivatives, then they must be avoid it.

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Amount of protein in milk and their derivatives:

Milk & milk derivativesAmount of protein
Milk (1 cup= 244 gm) 8 gm
Curd (100 gm) 11 gm
Plain Yoghurt (1cup=244gm) 8.5 gm

(9) Green vegitables

Protein Rich Foods

Green vegetables including broccoli, spinach, avocado, kale, green beet etc have contain sufficient amount of protein alongwith carb and minerals. These green vegitables have not only good amount of protein but also good amount of fibers too. So this is helpful in weight loss too.

Amount of protein in green vegetables:

Green vegetablesAmount of protein
Spinach (1 cup – cooked) 5.35 gm
Broccoli (1 cup) 3.7 gm
Kale (1 cup – cooked) 2.47 gm
Green beet (1 cup – sauteed) 3.7 gm
Avocado (1 cup) 3 gm

(10) Mushroom

Protein Rich Foods

Mushroom is edible fungi in which occurs plenty of nutrients. Mushroom are consider as protein rich foods. The recipe of mushroom looks like meat and delicious taste.

Mushroom is best sources of selenium and vitamin D also. So it is consider best for increasing bone strength. Instead of protein, mushroom have contain low calorie fiber and other essential minerals.

Protein amount in mushroom: 1 cup white, boils mushroom have 3.39 gm protein.

(11) Sweet potato

Best foods for weight loss

Sweet potato has lower carb and high fibers and protein rich foods. It has special protein name sporamin which is occurring 60-80% of total protein accumulated in sweet potato. It make forming a gel like mesh in the stomach so that you feel fullness in stomach. In this way it is helpful for weight loss.

Sweet potato also help in improving your overall digestion due to high fibers. Sweet potato is low glycemic index that mean it is not increase instant sugar levels in blood. Regularly uses of sweet potatoes keep rehydrate in summer. Due to rehydration, fat can’t store properly.

Protein amount in sweet potato: 100 gm sweet potato have 1.6 gm protein.

(12) Sprouts

Protein Rich Foods

Sprouts consider as best protein rich snacks for weight gainer. It has much amount of protein, vitamins, fibers and less carb calorie.

Some sprouts has antioxidants property which are help to improve phenolic compounds like melatonin. And help in also remove free redical from body.

Free redical are very harmful and causing cell death. Sprouts including kidney bean sprout, pea sprouts, soyabean sprouts, chickpea sprouts, mung bean sprout etc.

Protein amount in various sprouts:

Sprouts ( per 100 gm)Amount of protein
Kidney bean sprouts 4.2 gm
Pea sprouts 8.8 gm
Soyabean sprouts 12.8 gm
Chickpea sprouts 10 gm
Mung bean sprouts 3 gm

(13) Corn

Protein Rich Foods

Corn uses as both vegitables and cerial grain. Corn is available all over world. Pop corn is made up by roasted corn. Corn flour is also eaten by peoples for fill their protein and carb requirement.

Instead of protein, it have also much amount of carbohydrates which may be increase sugar level. It is rich in fibers, minerals ( magnesium and potassium), and vitamins ( thiamine, folate) also.

Protein amount in corn: 1 cup (164 gm) corn has 5.4 gm protein.

(14) Spirulina

Protein rich foods

Spirulina is single cell protein which is obtain from unicellular algae. It is highly nutritive, high protein and low calorie food. It is available as suppliment capsule, tablets and syrup form at online medicine store as well as supermarket also.

Spirulina can help for those peoples who want to loose ther extra weight without going on dieting or even gain muscles mass also.

Spirulina has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which are well for health. It do not increase appetite, boosts fat digestion, and lowers blood sugar. In this way it help in loose weight.

Protein amount in spirulina: 1 tablespoons(10 gm) spirulina contain 4 gm protein.

(15) Whey protein

Protein Rich Foods

Milk has two types of protein first is casein and second whey. Whey is soluble and crystalline protein and extract from milk by skimmed process. Whey is approx pure protein with very less amount of lactose and fat.

Those peoples who want to gain muscle mass and do regular hard exercise, then they require extra amount of protein. It provide their daily protein need. Whey available as flavours because whey protein has no any own specific flavour or taste.

Whey protein suppliment uses also for reducing weight loss. This whey protein comes with two types per-work out and post-workout. As your requirements, you can take it.

Protein amount in whey: It may vary between 30 to 90% pure protein in whey. It is depend on quality of whey.

Bottom line

In this article you knew about some best source of protein rich foods. Protein is very necessary and an important constituent of your diet. Without proper protein your body can’t growth properly and not gain muscle mass. Because protein play great role in repairing and maintenance of cells and tissues of your body.

Vegetables, fruits, meat, chicken, fishes and dairy products are best sources of protein. So vegetarians and no vegetarians both have sufficient option to get protein from plant and animals either for muscle gain or loss weight purpose.

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