15 Best Summer Foods For Weight Loss

As the summer season begins, peoples who want to lose their weight start changing their winter diet chart. This is alright, because after winter session, new fruits and vegetables of the summer season come in the market at this time. Cucumber, mango, cherry, strawberry, blue-berries, etc. come. Some of these fruits and vegetables are very helpful for weight loss and their regular use helps in controlling weight. In this article, we are going to talk about the 12 best summer foods for weight loss. So if you want to lose your weight in this summer season, this article will be very useful for you.

Why losing weight in summer season is easier?

This is truth at all that losing weight in summer season is easier than winter or other season. There are many reasons for this, among which we will give you information about some of the major reasons.

During the summer, the person’s digestion becomes slower than the winter, you leave your fast and spicy foods in this session, due to which your calorie intake decreases, preventing it from gaining extra weight.

Due to the increase in temperature during the summer, feeling of thirst very high, due to which we increase the amount of liquid in our daily diel and reduce the amount of solid foods. In this way, your weight does not increase due to reduced intake of calories.

There is a lot of sweating on summer days. Some harmful elements of the body get out of the body through this sweat, these harmful elements slow down your metabolic process.

According to a research, during summer, the secretion of serotonin hormones become higher than in other seasons, which helps the person to be keep happy, hence also called Happy hormones. These hormone feel you good mentally and also help you to keep healthy and maintain healthy weight.

15 best summer foods for weight loss

(1) Cucumber

Best summer foods for weight loss

Cucumber is a well hydrated foods for fullfill the requirements of water in human body in summer. It has upto 96% water and essential nutrients. Cucumber is a low calorie food which is excellent for overcome the weight.

An interesting fact about cucumber is that, it is also known as short term weight loss diet. It take time upto 10 to 14 days to reduce upto 5 to 8 kg weight.

Antioxidants are also occur in cucumber which are helpful to prevent oxidation reaction in body. 100 gram cucumber have only 15 calorie, so it can be best summer foods for weight loss.

(2) Spinach

Best summer foods for weight loss

Spinach is considered very nutritious among green leafy vegetables. Spinach is leafy green with low calories, and high fiber. It contains more than 90% water, due to which it does not help in increasing calories.

Apart from this, it contains adequate amounts of antioxidants, proteins, vitamins A, C and K, follic acids, many types of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron etc. Due to the sufficient amount of iron, it helps to increase the level of haemoglobin.

Spinach contains twice as much iron as cabbage and carrots. Minerals found in spinach control the pH level of your body. Overall it is considered to best leafy food for weight control management in summer.

(3) Grapes

Best summer foods for weight loss

Grapes is summer fruits which are natural source of resveratrol. Resveratrol is a antioxidantic substance which are very useful in weight control management.

Grapes ia s low calorie, low glycemic index, fat free and high fiber fruits. It can be significantly helpful to overcome your weight in summer session.

100 grams grapes contain 67 calorie and 15 gram sugar. Even type 2 diabetic patients can also take grapes. Due to low calorie and aboundant amount of water, it is consider best to eat for weight loss.

(4) Green tea

Best summer foods for weight loss

Green tea is one of the most benificial beverage which are use for weight loss. It is low calorie and full of antioxidants.

Atleast 2 cup daily consume of green tea and lemon togather. Green tea have flavonoids and caffeine which are helpful in get rid of burn fat quickly. It is boost metabolism and increase the break down of exceed fat.

Drink green tea with lemon and honey for excellent weight loss. During pregnancy, green tea does not recommended because it may be associated with miscarriage.

(5) Watermelon

Best summer foods for weight loss

When summer season comes, first of all we remember Water Malone. Why not come because it has the power to give coolness which is not present in any other fruit of summer as watermelon.

Watermelon gives a strange refreshing feeling in summer session. It contains up to 90% water. During a research it has been found that Water Malone contains substances that reduce cholesterol.

Along with this, if you are thinking of reducing weight in the summer season, then water Malone should definitely be consumed, because it is excellent summer foods for weight loss.

(6) Strawberry

Best summer foods for weight loss

Ofcourse!! summer without strawberry, how may be possible? Strawberry is well weight loss diet in summer session. It has plenty of vitamin C alongwith vitamin B6 and other essential nutrients.

Strawberry is low calorie and water rich sweet and delicious fruits. It is promote your metabolism and supress your appetite for longtime.

One cup strawberry contain 46 calorie, fibers and rich fruits. Which is benificial in anemic disorders. It is also play great role in reducing glucose level alongwith control weight management.

(7) Blueberries

Best summer foods for weight loss

Blueberries are also low calorie and water rich fruits which is best for weight loss in summer. It is help in improving glucose level in your blood, so it is not recommended for those who are type 1 and 2 diabetic patients.

A recent study show that Blueberries can influence your gene level structure, in which a gene which is responsible for burn fat from belly area of your body. In this points of view blueberry may helpful for your removing belly fat.

(8) Avocados

Best summer foods for weight loss

Avocados is best fruits for reducing waist circumference and maintain your BMI. Avocados is excellent sources of vitamin B and C, folate, minerals, diatery fiber and healthy fats. It has more potassium than banana.

Avocados is also useful in hypertension, lower cholesterol. It has also found vitamin E which are also useful for skin and eyes. Those peoples who want to lose their weight naturally, regularly take avocados in summer.

(9) Tomato

Best summer foods for weight loss

You can reduce your daily calories by using tomato salad in the summer season. Apart from tomatoes, you can also include cucumber and carrot salad in your diet.

All these are quick pacifiers of your hunger, so that you do not feel hungry much and you also get adequate amount of nutrition.

Fresh tomatoes should be consumed more during the summer as it can play an important role in reducing your belly fat and at the same time helps you to stay healthy.

(10) Yoghurt/curd

Best summer foods for weight loss

A protein rich and fat free Yoghurt can be helpful in your weight loss management. A recent study show that consuming daily fat free yoghurt may reduce your weight quickly.

Yoghurt improve your overall metabolism so that help in more fat burn process. Curd has very benificial lactobacillus bacteria which are also helpful in proper digestion.

Greek yoghurt is consider best pro-biotic foods for improving health and weight control too. Probiotics are helpful in increasing good bacteria in our intestine. Yoghurt/curd are good source of calcium which are essential for bone strength.

(11) Pulses

Best summer foods for weight loss

Pulses are groups of beans of legume like pea, cheackpea, lobeas, gram and peigons pea etc. If you want to lose your weight then you must be take atleast one cup boiled/cooked pulse 4 to 5 day in a week.

100 gram boil pulse contain 9.1 gram protein and only 0.3 gram fat. So it may be best option eating on daily basis for overcome your weight.

Some of the peoples are suffering from gas due to eating beans. If you feel also same situation then you can avoid it.

(12) Soyabean

Best summer foods for weight loss

Soyabean is excellent sources of protein and low calorie food products. Use of Soya products in many forms such as Soya milk, Soya sauce, Soya protein, tofu etc.

The fats are founds in soyabeans mostly mono unsaturated and poly unsaturated. Saturated fat are occurs in small amount.

Soybean is a best source of vitamin B and K, and minerals including copper, manganese, phosphorus etc. These are nutrients are help in overcome the extra weight and maintain healthy weight in summer.

(13) Green vegetables soup

Best summer foods for weight loss

Green vegetables including spinach, avocado, kale, green beet etc have contain sufficient amount of protein alongwith carb and minerals.

These green vegitables have not only good amount of protein but also good amount of fibers too. So this is helpful in weight loss too.

(14) Oatmeal

Best summer foods for weight loss

Oatmeal may be best option for your healthy and ideal morning breakfast. It is fiber rich grain with low calorie value. Oats are rich in soluble fiber which are suppress your appetite for long time.

Oat are also comes under 7 day diet plan food for those who want to desires overcome their weight around 4 to 6 kg in a week.

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(15) Peach

Best summer foods for weight loss

Peach is a summer fruits that are able to reduce just some extra pound from your body. A substance named pectin is found in peach which are helpful in removing extra fat from your body. It is also rich in vitamin c and other nutrients.

Peaches are comes under stone fruits that are contain anti inflammatory, antioxidants and anti diabetic substance. Due to rich in vitamin c, fight against infection too. So overall peaches are best for health alongwith anti obese property.

Bottom line

In this article you know about best summer foods for weight loss and for keep himself healthy too. Thus we see that you can control your uncontrolled weight even in the summer season. You just have to pay attention to your proper diet.

During the summer season, plenty of water should be drunk and such fruits and vegetables should be used which contain sufficient amount of water. Because water also plays an important role in flushing out the harmful substances present in our body via excretion. By consuming food rich in fiber and low in calories, you can reduce your weight surprisingly in summer also.

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