6 Best Natural Ways To Increase Oxygen Level

In the second wave of Covid epidemic(covid19) the dangerous strain of the corona is striking very rapidly and deadly in the lunge of the people. Due to which the lungs of the patient are getting very highly degenerate and the oxygen level starts decreasing rapidly. Oxygen cylinders are being using in hospitals to maintain oxygen supply to the corona patient. The patient is dying due to lack of enough oxygen cylinders in hospitals amidst very fast cases. In such a situation, in order to increase the level of oxygen in people affected by corona, 6 best natural ways to increase oxygen level in covid patients, and in last proning technique for maintaining oxygen level being mentioned in this post. You can also help yourself and others with these easy methods.

Why oxygen is necessary for living beings?

Every cell of our body needs oxygen to survive. In the absence of oxygen, these cells become dies, which causes the person to die. We take oxygen through our breath from our environment and release carbon dioxide.

This oxygen goes to the lungs and is supplied to the whole body through blood so that each cell can get oxygen. Metabolic actions are carry out here by oxygen and to meet the energy requirements to keep cells alive.

After this, carbon dioxide is produced. Which is very important to be removed from the cell. And then it is expelled out of the body through the lungs.

You know how much oxygen is needed for a person to be alive. Decrease the lavel of oxygen can lead to hypoxia condition and other oxygen deficiency related disease.

6 Best natural way to increase oxygen level

(1) Keep hydrated to your body

Your body gets 90 percent of its energy through water. Therefore, it is very important for the body to remain hydrated, so that all the necessary metabolic functions are going on properly.

Due to lack of water in the body, the level of oxygen also decreases, because water contains molecules of hydrogen and oxygen. Oxygen is an important component of water.

Due to lack of water in the body, metabolic activity is slow due to which the level of carbon dioxide starts to rise and the level of oxygen starts to decrease.

Water needs increase considerably during summer days, because in these days, the expulsion of water starts coming out in the form of sweat.

The amount of water should be maintain continuously during the summer days. The corona patient should be give adequate amount of water on time so that his throat does not dry up.

(2) Take iron rich food

Iron-rich food indirectly increases the oxygen level. You already know that iron is an important component of red blood cells found in your blood.

Red blood cells help to reach oxygen to the whole body by circulation. When there is sufficient amount of iron in the food, it encourages RBCs to carry oxygen.

Green leafy vegetables, apple and legumes are the major sources of iron rich food products. Apart from this, iron is also available in red meat, fish, and chicken.

(3) Regular exercise

A research on those peoples who infected with Corona virus has revealed that people who have never exercised in their entire life have a very high chance of infection.

Therefore epidemics like corona can be avoid by regular exercise. By doing regular exercise, the immunity of the body is maintaine, which also increases capacity of resistance against disease of the body.

Breathing exercise must be done for at least 10 to 15 minutes per day. It increases your lung capacity and helps in the continuous flow of oxygen.

Some special exercise should be done by lying on the back for 5 minutes, so that your lungs get a good exercise.

(4) Take a deep breath

Normally a normal person should breathe 12 to 16 times in 1 minute, but most people breathe less than this, due to which the level of oxygen in the body is not enough.

If you get low when you check the oxygen level with an oximeter, then you should take a deep breath from time to time. After every 5 to 10 minutes, take a deep breath and do it in your routine so that you can always remember it.

In the meditation you may have seen that the person is asking for deep breathing so that the body can supply more oxygen. The respiratory patient is ask to do deep breathing exercises.

(5) Take oxygen rich food products

In case of oxygen deficiency, you must take oxygen rich food products. Some excellent example of oxygen rich food are beans, coconut oil, ginger, eggs, chees, spirulina, fish, broccoli, kale, garlic, green tea, Orange, cucumber etc.

These are consider very much oxygen rich food products which are immediately give oxygen to your body cellular to muscles lavel.

(6) Avoid tobacco products

Tobacco products such as cigarettes, tobacco powder, e-cigarette etc. reduce the oxygen level by increasing the amount of carbon mono oxides(CO) in the blood, which causes oxygen deficiencies in the body and creates a hypoxy condition.

This type of Tobacco products should be avoid in this covid situation. The harmful substances found in cigarette smoke reduce the lung capacity by destruction the lung wall i.e. alveoli causing a disease called emphysema, and the person lives his entire life with low oxygen level and face critical problems.

Corona infection occurs in the lung and reduces the capacity to take oxygen and cigarettes also do the same. Thus both affect your lungs badly.

What is Proning technique for maintaining oxygen level?

Proning is a type of procedure whereby the patient can maintain his or her own oxygen level. Prone position oxygenation techniques are up to 80 percent effective. This process has to be completed by lying on the stomach.

This procedure is medically acceptable, which improves breathing and supports oxygen levels. Proning is very helpful for corona patients in home isolation. The prone position is safe and can be controlled if oxygen levels in the blood deteriorate.

This has led to good results in patients admitted to the ICU as well. This process is most effective if the ventilator is not found.

When proning technique use for maintain oxygen level?

This process has to be adopted when the corona patient is having trouble breathing and the oxygen level falls below 94. If you are in home isolation, keep checking your oxygen level from time to time.

Apart from this, fever, blood pressure, blood sugar should also be measured periodically. With the right procedure in time, proning is helpful in saving many lives.

What is procedure of proning technique?

Let the patient lie on the abdomen for the procedure. Place a pillow under the neck, then put one or two pillows under the chest and abdomen equally and keep two pillows under the toes.

The patient benefits from lying in this position for 30 minutes to 2 hours. It is important to change the patient’s lying position every 30 minutes to two hours.

After licking it on the stomach, turn it between the time period by turning it to the right and left side. After this, place the patient and then lie him on the stomach.

In this process, blood circulation in the lungs starts to be good. Fluid present in the lungs diverges, which causes oxygen to reach the lungs easily. The oxygen level also does not drop.

Do not do this procedure in these situations-

  • Be careful not to do the proning process immediately after eating the food.
  • Adopt this process at least one hour after eating food.
  • Do not adopt this procedure if you are pregnant, have a serious cardiac condition or have a spinal problem or fracture in the body. This may harm you.

Bottom line :

In this way, you knew that 6 Best Natural Ways To Increase Oxygen Level In Covid patient. The above mentioned things properly, you can help increase the oxygen level for yourself and others as well. Proper eating and regular exercise are very effective in increasing the oxygen level.

You can also periodically check your oxygen level with a digital or pulse oximeter. Do not consume tobacco products at all, especially in this covid pandemic.

Apart from this, you can take appropriate amounts of vitamin A, B-12 and folic acid according to the doctor’s advice to maintain your oxygen level. All these things are helpful in increasing the level of oxygen.

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