Best Homeopathic Medicine For Depression

We’re living with stressful life in present time. Everyone has to face some stress/anxiety but this stress can takes a horrible form as depression in the future. We will discuss about to 5 best homeopathic medicine for depression. If initial stage of stress is ignored then it can prove to be quite fatal later, therefore it is necessary to treat it in timely. Homeopathy not only treats depression but it is also helpful in eliminating it completely.Women suffer from depression 3 times more than men. A single cause is not responsible for depression. This can happen due to many reasons and sometimes it can be also genetic. There are very good medicines available in homeopathy to relieve them of depression. Out of which, we are discussing you about the top 5 best homeopathic medicine for depression. Before telling about medicine, we will see the causes and symptoms of depression.

What are the causes of depression?

  • If you are physically unfit or due to any disability or If you are not getting success even after working tirelessly, then you can do this situation in depression.
  • Whenever someone have been taking medicine for any chronic disease for many years and do not see any benefit, then it can be the cause of depression.
  • If your family have a depression history either your parents or grandparents, then it is very high chance of it happening in you too, because depression can also be genetic.
  • Whether you are not happy with your personal life/families issue/job/business or due to any such reasons which make your mood upset daily to daily life, then it can become a major cause of depression.
  • When someone loves deeply to wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/close relatives. When he/she goes away or gets separate due to any reason, then because of this, depression has been seen in people and this is the biggest reason seen in today’s young generation.
  • In childhood, if a child is keep in strict boundary by their parents or his teacher or classmates in his school continue to treat him badly, then depression slowly develops in that child later on it takes a terrible form.
  • Neurotransmitters play a major role in maintaining mental balance in the body. Whenever some important neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine are reduces or any hormonal dysfunction occurs in the body, then a depression like situation is encountere.

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What are sign of depression?

  • When you are a victim of depression then you start getting angry on every small thing. You get irritate so that negative/bad thoughts keep coming in your mind all the time.
  • Once someone start getting into depression, his association with life begins over. He feels that nothing is in life anymore and he constantly starts thinking about committing abominations like suicide.
  • Negative thoughts increase after a person goes into depression and they feel that all the time that nothing goes wrong with me.
  • The person suffering from depression either does not feel hungry or he / she feels very hungry.
  • The person who suffering from depression can face of insomnia like situation therefore he wakes up overnight. Sometimes it happens that he is very sleepy too.
  • Such a person who is a victim of depression is unable to concentrate in any work so that his social and professional life begains end.
  • When the situation gets worse, the person of depression also tries to end his life.

5 Best Homeopathic medicines for depression

(1) Ignatia amara

Ignatia amara is highly effective Homeopathic remedy for depression/anxiety. Most of the Homeopath physicians are recomment this remedy for depression like conditions. If you suffer from depression or any type anxiety’s symptoms which are match to given below symptoms, then you can take this medicine for best results.

  • This medicine is mainly effective for unmarried people who fall into depression due to failing in love or because of separation from someone, and they live from lost soul all the time, then this medicine is very effective for such people.
  • Medicine is very effective if someone has suffered a mental trauma due to any reason, such as someone goes into depression due to the death of a loved one of their family, and because of which he is always lost and under stress. .
  • If a person’s mental condition after his job is not well, then it is a very good medicine for him.
  • If people of the same family live under stress due to not being able to reconcile with each other, then it is a very good medicine to get out of a stressful environment.
  • Very emotionally girls or women who get very worried and emotional about something, and cry and cry to their daughter. Often, pain starts in their heart after crying, it is a good medicine for such people.
  • Its patient is very much worried about his future, negative things keep coming in his mind like if someone does business, then it comes to my mind that my business should not be ruined somewhere, I should not be in debt Go while their life is quite normal.

(2) Staphysagria

Staphysagria is a best Homeopathic Medicine which are give best results if anyone feel any one or more than one conditions which are give below, in cases of depression/anxiety-

  • If a person has come too much sex related thoughts in minds almost all time but he doesn’t express desire to anyone, and often immersed in these things. If someone is unable to express sexual desire from her wife and inside It keeps him, it causes him a mental problem, due to which his routine is not normal, then it is a very good medicine for him.
  • Many peoples start getting very worry even on the slightest thing. They keep worrying more on the matter, for instance if their child goes out, then the mind starts to become very anxious. it is a very effective medicine for such people.
  • Such people, who get angry very quickly on something, but they control their anger and do not express it, such people keep choking inside, this medicine proves very effective on such a person.
  • Peoples who can’t bear their insults, because such people keep their standards high, and supress their anger Inside so when they are insulted, they keep choking inside. because of this situation their sleep disappears, in this way, this medicine for people Is effective.

(3) Natrum Muriaticum

Natrum mur show best results in any type of depression/anxiety. It is preparing from sodium chloride (comman salt) with highly diluted.

It consider best Homeopathic Medicine for depression, also chronic cases. your depression’s symptoms are match with given symptoms, then this remedy is must for you.

  • People who like loneliness, who live alone and talk to themselves. People who do not share their talks with anyone quickly, and keep talking inside, due to which a situation like stress arises in them, then medicine is very good in this condition.
  • When a parent keeps their children in a very strict environment since childhood and convinces them all their things, then that child starts living like a lost person and cries in private when someone scolds, not in front of everyone, then this drug giving him proves beneficial.
  • This medicine is good for those who have nightmares. After dreaming, his sleep often opens at night and he feels that it was getting right and when later talk goes, it is good medicine for such people to sleep only after it was a dream.
  • Peoples who have offten suffer from headaches due to stress/anxiety and this pain happen continues from morning to evening. They feel also like as someone is hitting with a hammer on head. Such a condition this medicine proves to be very effective.
  • If any mental problem occurs due to any hormonal imbalance in the female, then this drug proves to be very effective for them.
  • The patient of Nutrum mur is crying, whenever someone starts to silence him then he starts more than previous crying . In sch type of peoples can be cure only Natrum mur.

(4) Sepia

Sepia is Homeopathic medicine which are especially very useful for women. It is best Homeopathic Medicine for depression for women and also men. It is extracted from ink of cuttlefish and preparing with highly diluted.

At the time of preparing these remedies are so diluted that the amount of the original substance in them is not remain, but only the energy remains which is very effective and that is enough to cure any disease.

If your depression’s symptoms are matching with given below symptoms then you can select this remedy.

  • Womens who come into depression after pregnancy, or after a hormonal change, then sepia is very useful for them.
  • It is very effective medicine in depression after menopause in women.
  • If we talk about men, then people who start going away from their family life or responsibilities or they do not understand the meaning of anyone now. Along with this irritability, then this medicine is very effective.
  • Such people, who like to be alone, get angry over small things, do not believe even when understood. People with such depression get relief by giving this medicine.

(5) Aurum metallicum

Aurum metallicum is very effective Homeopathic Medicine for mostly those persons who are thinking susidal things or also attempt. Here are given below some symptoms-

  • Such peoples are fed up with their lives, they feel their life a burden and worthless.
  • Those peoples continue thinking about suicide and think if I die then everything will be alright.
  • It is a very effective drug for people with suicidal tendencies.
  • In such type of peoples become very anger and they get very angry at the slightest matter.
  • They can’t bear slight contradiction and get very quickly anger.
  • If any of the above symptoms come from the patient, then they are very effective medicine for them.

Direction for uses-

Before taking any medicine, medical supervision is necessary, consultant your physician know about doses of medicine.

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Apart from this kali phos is also best Homeopathic Medicine for depression at all conditions. You can use it with describe above Medicines.

Bottom line

In conclusion after reading above article you knew that, what is Depression/anxiety? And it’s causes and sign and symptoms in briefly. Now you will know ”5 Best Homeopathic medicines for depression”. 

Homeopathic medicines are gives long life relieves as compared conventional medicine. Homeopathy is able to completely cure of any disease. Although Homeopathic Medicine are safe for uses, you can tri it but Medical supervision is essential for better results.

Medical supervision is necessary before taking any of the medicines mentioned above. It is important to consult a homeopathic physician before taking the medicine, as homeopathic medicines can vary according to each person.

You can ask questions for your problem and doses of medicine in the comment box with your symptoms and age.

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