Best Homeopathic Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction

To take full advantage of the marriage life, male partner must be sexually potence/strong. If a male partner is unable to give marital bliss to his spouse, then his entire marital life will ruined, and he himself becomes mentally depressed. And this situation leads the new couple to childlessness.

In the last few years, the situation of childlessness of newly married couples in the world is growing rapidly. One of the main reasons for this is believed to be erectile dysfunction because this condition makes any male sexually weak. Because of which that child is becoming unfit for procreation/childbirth.

There are several reasons for erectile dysfunction. There are some very effective medicines available for this, in homeopathy, which can completely cure erectile dysfunction. First of all, we will discuss about what is erectile dysfunction ?, and its cause and then its 9 best homeopathic medicine for erectile dysfunction.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

During sexual intercourse, when male partner is unable to maintain the erection of their penis, or the erection of his penis ends while having sex. That is, he is not able to keep his penis erect for a long time. Sometimes due to lack of sexual desire in mind, the erection does not come in the penis.

This is normal if you have to face such a situation rarely or one or two time in months, but this condition often comes or you have been facing this situation for a long time, then it can be a serious condition, and it can be indicative of erectile dysfunction.

Due to erectile dysfunction, male partners have to face not only physical problems, but also mental problems. First all, we will konw that what is the causes of erectile dysfunction? Let us know some of the major reasons that cause erectile dysfunction.

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Causes of erectile Dysfunction

(1) Mental or pcycological causes

The first reason that has been seen in most of peoples of erectile dysfunction is mental health or pcycological disorder. Offcourse, this is seen in most of the cases, who are also complaining of erectile dysfunction.

The biggest reason for this is that they are mentally stressed. Such people either remain confused about their virility, or depression due to disturbance in their professional life or their family life. Due to which their married life is not happy.

And when it comes after making sexual relations, then they are not able to succeed and start considering it as their impotency. Due to which the depression increases and the situation becomes more serious.

Many peoples try to make the same sexual relationship with their partner by motivating them through TV commercials ad or the Internet, but when they are unable to perform as they are thinking or they have watched, then they can be mentally depresses. And later they face erectile dysfunction or related problems.

(2) Physical causes

  • Complications of erectile dysfunction have also been observed due to hormonal imbalance. Mainly due to the low level of testosteron hormones, they do not have sexual desire, due to which they are unable to maintain their erection as well.
  • People in whom erectile dysfunction has also been seen due to diabetes, Parkinson’s or any chronic disease.
  • Obesity is also a cause of erectile dysfunction, seen mostly in obese people, they are sexually unfit. Such complaints are seen in such people who do not do any physical activity or exercise.
  • People who have undergone prostate surgery or have any type an injury or surgery in their pelvic region may also have erectile dysfunction.
  • Erectile dysfunction is also reported due to increase in cholesterol level or due to heart related diseases i.e. arithrosclerosis etc.
  • People who consume excessive amounts of tobacco products or other harmful smoking, alcohol etc. also face problems like erectile dysfunction.
  • Since childhood, the probability of erectile dysfunction increases significantly in people who do masterbation several times a day.
  • Erectile dysfunction can also occur in men due to lack of strong bonding between husband and wife or due to lack of emotionally attachments.
  • With increasing age, men begin to become sexually inactive, as erectile dysfunction becomes common in this age.

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9 Best Homeopathic Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction

There are very good medicine available in homeopathy for erectile dysfunctiony, which are not only physically but also treat the persons mentally. We are going to tell you about the best homeopathy medicine for erectile dysfunction.

Each homeopathy medicine has its own symptom, so the medicine which matches the patient’s symptoms will be the best medicine.

(1) Lycopodium

If young children under 21 years of age or below upto 14 years, or above 40 years age of men feel that their penis is loosing or feeling sexual weakness.

If sexual desire is intense but yet feeling lack of strength. It is best Homeopathic Medicine for erectile dysfunction.

(2) Agnus castus

If the person, whether male or female, is not having any sexual desire. And during sexual intercourse, the penis of the man becomes relaxed/loose. Painful ejaculation is happening or is not happening at all. The person is also feeling old.

(3) Conium

This medicine is very effective if the person has a testis related disease/ low level of testosterone or has undergone a Protest surgery.

(4) Caladinium seguinum

People who consume excessive amounts of chewing tobacco or smoking etc. In such people, there is a strong desire to have sexual intercourse, but due to the laxity of the penis, erection does not come in them and they feel weakness. This medicine is very effective in such people.

(5) Selenium

For people who have been addicted to masterbation in the past and due to this, if they feel that they have sexual impotence and are unable to have sex despite having severe sexual dysfunction, then this is a very good medicine for them.

(6) Graphite

Graphite gives good results in those who feel that their semen is not getting well, due to which they are not able to enjoy sex.

(7) Acid phos

People who have any kind of mental stress and because of this, their sexual desire ends and nightfall occurs at night and when they have sex, premature ejaculation occurs. And those who have a history of Masterbastion, because of this you are feeling sexual weakness or impotence.
Along with this, people who feel impotence due to diabetes are also very effective for them. It is also best homeopathic medicine for erectile dysfunction.

(8) Damiana

It is considered a very good medicine in homeopathy for all kinds of reasons due to which the person experiences sexual weakness/impotence etc.

It is also a very good medicine for people suffering from premature ejaculation or nightfall. This medicine also improves mood during sex.

(9) Sepia

If the husband or wife or both get tired due to too much work, and because of this they have no desire to have sex. If they are feeling very weak while having sex then this medicine is very good for them.

Direction for uses- Before taking any medicine, medical supervision is necessary, consultant your physician know about doses of medicine.

Self help tips for sexual disability/impotency/ erectile dysfunction-

During the investigation of peoples who suffering from erectile dysfunction/impotency it has been found that most of them had to face this problem due to pcycological thinking.

Therefore, keep yourself away from the illusion that you have such complaints as sexual weakness or erectile dysfunction like problems.

In a state of mental stress/ depression/anxiety, the person is unable to fully prepare himself to have sex.

If you are living in an environment where you are under stress day by day, then you cannot enjoy your sex life properly.

Because your mind is not ready for it. In this case, there may be a complaint similar to erectile dysfunction.

The youth of today fall into the addiction of masterbation since childhood, and gradually start to weaken their body. Masterbation is beneficial only to a certain extent, after which, if addiction occurs.

It starts to cause side effects on the body. Once it has a side effect on the body, then such youngsters get into the rounds of misleading advertisements which are seen on advertisement and Internet.

In which various types of drugs/medicine that increase sex power are told. Those who make medicine get large benefit, but the health of those taking medicines starts to get worse. They start getting more diseases. And seeing all this, that youth comes into depression one day.

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Many people consider nightfall a disease. If it happens once a month, then it is normal, but if its frequency increase then it needs to be checked.

First of all, you should keep yourself away from such things and should also keep yourself away from more alcohol consumption/smoking/drug addiction.

Because these are things that are sufficient to reduce your sexual ability. Eating timely, stress-free life and taking care of your health, you can live your sex life to the fullest.

And yet if any problem occurs related sexual disable/impotency or erectile dysfunction, then homeopathy can help to cure your problem, because now you’ve known about best Homeopathic Medicine for erectile dysfunction.


After reading above article you knew that, what is Erectile Dysfunction? And it’s possible causes in briefly. You also knew about ” 9 best Homeopathic medicines for erectile dysfunction”. 

Homeopathic medicines are gives long life relieves as compared conventional medicine. Homeopathy is able to completely cure of any disease.

Medical supervision is necessary. It is important to consult a homeopathic physician before taking the above medicine, as homeopathic medicines can vary according to each person.

You can ask questions for your problem or doses of medicine in the comment box with your symptoms and age.

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