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Your food habits play a great role to maintain your digestion and overall health. Inappropriate food habits make causes of stomach related problems like acidity indigestion, gas or bloating. If you want to live a healthy life then you have to take care of your health and food. Especially you have to pay special attention to your food and drink. However, if you have to face gastric problems due to any reason, then very good medicine is available in homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines are capable of eradicating any disease completely. Let us tell you about the 10 best homeopathic medicine for gastric, but before that we will also tell you about the cause of gastric.

Causes of Gastric Trouble

  • Use of excessive AntibioticsAntibiotics kill the harmful bacteria present in the body as well as kill the good bacteria present in the stomach, which play a great role in digesting your food.
  • Intolerance of dairy products– With increasing age the digestive power starts to weaken in most of peoples. During this time, digestion is not done properly by using products made from milk. Due to which gas starts to form in the stomach. Apart from this, digestive problems due to dairy products have also been observed in young peoples.
  • Excessive intake of junk food/fast food or spicy or oily food causes gas complaints due to the time taken in fully digestion.
  • Excess Tea/coffee– Gas problems have also been observed from excessive amounts of tea or coffee consumed.
  • Smoking/alcohol– Consumption of cigarette smoking or harmful pan spices and excessive quantity of alcohol also causes flatulence or gas.
  • Constipation– There are also complaints of bloatting or gas due to constipation.
  • Untimely food take- Gas-related problems are also encountered due to not eating on time and eating at a fast rate.
  • Due to other disease- Any chronic stomach disease like liver related disease or bile stone or IBS (Irritating bowl syndrome) also causes gas related problems.
  • Food allergy- some peoples are allergic for any specific food. They feel gastric/bloating problem after eating such types of food.

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10 Best Homeopathic Medicine For Gastric Problem

Here you have been told the 10 best homeopathic medicine for gastric. And the symptoms of these medicines are also mentioned. First match your symptoms with symptoms of these medicines, then you can select the appropriate medicine.

(1) Carbo veg

  • The patient of the carbo veg feels as if there is gas in the upper abdomen, and this causes pressure to be felt in the surrounding area. Such as the ribs or near the lungs.
  • Sometimes due to pressure in the ribs or lungs, heart also feels pain due to which the causes of gas.
  • Carbo veg patient feels burning sensation in the chest region after eating anything. And at the same time sour belching also occurs.
  • The upper abdomen feels bloated. It seems that eating something has not been digested due to which indigestion occurs.
  • Carbo veg patient gets relief after 3-4 bursts or after passing gas.
  • Carbo veg patient suffers from cold sweats too much and they become weak due to excessive gas problems and they may also get dizzy.

(2) Lycopodium

  • The patient of lycopodium feels pain or feels heaviness due to gas under the lower abdomen i.e. the navel.
  • Such peoples feel that their stomach full only after eating anything in little amount, the digestion of such people is also not good.
  • Complaints of stomach gas of a lycopodium’s patient often increase in the evening especially 4 to 8 o’clock pm, and they feel that lower abdomen is fill with gas.
  • Due to heavy gas in the lower abdomen, the patient passes the gas very quickly, especially in women, it is seen that they have also sometimes gas posses via the vagina.
  • The patient also complains of constipation and their digestion is not done properly due to stomach problems.

(3) Nux vomica

  • If a person drinks too much tea ,smokes, drinks alcohol then they have a gas related complaint, then this remedy can be very helpful.
  • There is a complaint of acidity or gas due to overeating.
  • The patient of nux vomica does not want to do any Physical work or exercise. Complaint of Insomnia can be present sometimes in such peoples.

(4) Anacardium

  • If patients feel gas problem during empty stomach and after eating something this problem become over then this medicine is very useful.
  • This drug is effective in any kind of stomach discomfort whether it is acidity, gas or gastric ulcer or any discomfort.

(5) China

  • China’s patients feel that their entire stomach is fill full of gas and because of this they feel as if the entire stomach is bloated.
  • The patient does not get relief even after belching or passing gas. If anybody have above two symptoms then china can be very helpful.

(6) Pulsatila

  • Pulsatila’s patients drink very little water.
  • Such types of people like oily and fried junk/fast food very much but after eating they are not able to digest them, due to which they have to face acidity, burning or also gas problem.

(7) Colchincum

If the patient has developed anorexia in eating food. On seeing food or smelling it, it seems like vomiting, then it is a very good medicine for him.

(8) Chelidonium majus

If someone aggravates gas related problems after having bile stones or liver related diseases like jaundice or hepatitis etc., such patient feel relief after drinking some hot liquids like tea, coffee etc., then in such type of situation it is very effective medicine for them.

(9) Robina

If there is a complaint of acidity or gas, pain starts in the head, then it is a very good medicine for that.

(10) Natrum phosphoricum

If patients feel burning sensation in stomach, sour test in mouth, feeling of vomating, white/yellow coating on toung. Patient complaint that unabale to digest diary products. after consuming this type of products

Direction for uses-

Before taking any medicine, medical supervision is necessary, consultant your physician know about doses of medicine.

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How to maintain your digestive system- self help tips

If you want to stay away from gastric problems then you will have to change your diet habits a little bit. Weather you are fond of eating junk food/fast food or fried roasted things.

You will have to be reduced a bit this types of food. Because of oily foods cause great harm to your digestion. Use fresh fruits and leafy vegetables in food. Also, use salad/ lettuce in food. All these things make your digestive system strong.

Due to food allergies, many people are unable to digest after eating some dairy related products like milk and yogurt, due to which they have to face gas related problems.

For this, first you can take homeopathy medicines for food allergies. Homeopathic medicines are able to eliminate your allergies completely, after which you can easily eat and digest dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt etc.

Yet If you want to keep your digestive system strong, and you use often antibiotics for every disease, then you should no longer use antibiotics.

Use them only in emergency, otherwise do not. Because antibiotics also kill the good bacteria in our stomach which play an important role in our digestion.

However, if for any reason there is any stomach related problems like gas, acidity or any other problem then you can use homeopathic medicine.

These Homeopathic medicine for gastric not only cure any disease but are also able to eliminate them completely. They do not have any side effects, and be safe.

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Bottom line-

After reading above article you knew that, what is gastric problems? And it’s causes and symptoms in briefly. You also knew ” 10 Best homeopathic medicine for gastric problems”. 

Homeopathic medicines are gives long life relieves as compared to conventional medicine. Homeopathy is able to completely cure of any disease.

Although Homeopathic medicines are very safe and no side effects are found but yet medical supervision is necessary before taking any of the medicines mentioned above in chronic case.

It is important to consult a homeopathic physician before taking the medicine, as homeopathic medicines can vary according to each person’s symptoms.

You can ask questions for your problem or about doses of medicine in the comment box with your symptoms and age.

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