Best Homeopathic Medicine For Kidney Stone

Homeopathic medicine is consider to be the best and simplest treatment for Kidney stone or urinary calculus, because it gives relief to the patient from the surgery, and it also reduce further tendency of stone formation. Kidney stone also referred to as renal stone, renal calculus, urolithiasis, nafrolithiasis, urinary stones etc. Sometime these stones again form even after surgery, and there’s a risk of getting stones again, persist life time, therefore surgery may be a not permanent treatment of renal or kidney stones. In homeopathy, kidney’s stone is dissolve within the body and secret out body without surgery. Along with this, homeopathic medicine check stones formation tendency again in patients. In this next article, we’ll know about some best homeopathic medicine for kidney stone but first know about kidney stones formation, causes, symptoms etc in human.

What are kidney stones?

There are two kidneys occurs in human body, one left and one right side. It filters minerals along with blood from throughout the body, and formation of urine. It works also to remove the waste substances left after metabolic activity within the body, through urine.

The ureter, bladder and urethra serve as supporting organs along with the kidney. Whenever the deposition of a specific minerals takes place in these organs as solid form, then it starts forming of crystals.

And their size starts to grow and see as solid moss, is called kidney stone or renal calculus. This condition is known as urolithiasis.

The stones formation can be anywhere in excretory organs like Kidney, ureter, urinary bladder or uretha and they are named on behalf of their places For instance, if a stone is formed within the kidney, it’s called nephroliasis.

If a stone is being formed within the ureter, it is called ureteral . And if there is a stone in the bladder, it’s called a systolith.

Types of kidney stones:

Calsium stone: This is most common type of stones which are made up of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate. This is the cauese of more than 80% renal stones problem.

Cystein stone: it is made up chemical called cystein. It is very rare form as stone.

Uric acid stone: whenever uric acid increases in the body then it can formation of renal stone with the help of calcium are itself.

Struvite stone: in case of urinary tract infection by bacteria, excess amount a ammonia formation and with the help of magnesium and phosphate it can form stones.

What are Causes of kidney stones?

Water plays an important role in the removal of waste materials from the body. It dissolves unnecessary or waste minerals and a process called ultrafiltration occur in the kidney in which these waste removes them from the body in the form of urine.

In such people who drink less water, the deposition of Waste Minerals starts and they form in the crystal form futher.

Due to the low amount of water in the kidneys, there are concentration of minerals increase, and gradually they start to form as crystal stones. These stones mostly contain calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate.
Apart from this, these stones are also made of uric acid cysteine ​​and magnesium ammonia phosphate.

Confirmation test of kidney stone

Plain x-ray and KUB(ultra sonography) is performed to detect kidney or renal stones in the body. Whereby the presence of stones is detected.

Sonography is considered to be the best because it helps to know the exact place of stones that are made in the body and along with it the knowledge of its size.

In addition, blood urea and serum creatinine are also investigated in cases of hydronephrosis. Apart from this IVP, Urine culture and sensitivity test also may occur.

Symptoms of kidney stones:

  • Unbearable and painful urination called as “renal colic
  • Frequently urge to urinate but reduces urine flow
  • Vomating and nausea
  • Painful urination dark or redish colour urine( heamaturia)
  • Fever with chil during infection
  • Severe pain in back side and migrate to lower abdomen or upto thai and genital organ
  • Burning sensation during urination
  • Frequently urinary tract infection

Best Homeopathic Medicine for kidney stone:

Here you have been told about the best homeopathic medicine for kidney stone in the next section and the symptoms of these medicines are also mentioned. First match your symptoms with symptoms of these medicines, then you can select the appropriate medicine.

(1) Cantheris vesicatoria

Cantheris help in recover UTI( urinary tract infection). patient starts feeling pain in his urinary bladder even after drinking very small amount of water. There is a complaint of burning pain in the internal part of the person’s body.

The patient has a desire to urinate several times a day, but each time only a few drops of blood mixed urine released. Unbearable urging of urine, before and after urination, yet patient not satisfied. Burning micturation occure. Urine come out like jelly or mucus type.

(2) Burberis vulgaris

This is considered best homeopathic medicine for kidney stone removal. This homeopathic remedy regulate kidney dysfunction and maintain renal health. It is well work If patients feel pain on left side and the pain radiate from back to lower abdomen, thigh etc.

Kidney are must be sensitive to touch. Urine can be yellowish and slimy. The nature of pain is stinging and cutting. It is well work if renal stones are occure left side. It is very helpful to reduce pain and passing out stones.

(3) Lycopodium

Lycopodium is best remedy for right side kidney stone. The patient require of lycopodium if pain extending from right kidney via ureter and reach right side of bladder.

Generally pain increases before urination and pain reduce after passing out urine. Frequent urge urination during night. Urine may appear redish in colour, sometime red sediments appear. Urine may be turbulent or light yellow.

(4) Pareira brava

Pareira is one of the best homeopathic medicine for kidney stone removal especially if stones present for long time. This remedy use in case of renal stone when the pain radiate from kidney to thigh.

Frequent urge to Urinate and spine pain occur during micturation/urination. It is also useful in renal colic, prostatic affection, cystitis, irritable bladder. In male, violent pain feeling in glance penis along with itching in urethra.

Urine contain red colour sediments and urine posses in drops form, mucus with tenesmus.

(5) Sarsaparilla

Sarsaparilla very useful for breakdown of kidney stones into small pieces and passes them out through urine. A major symptom of this medicine is that the urine stops when sitting down and when standing, urine easily comes out.

Small calculi or small sand like particles comes out with urine and disgusting or flaky clean urine are visible. The patient feels extreme pain at the end of urination.

Women have a desire to pass urine before menstruation. There is pain usually in the right side kidney. The patient is unable to urinate on sitting. Scanty urine passed. Frequently urge urination during night.

(6) Hydrangea Arborescence

This remedy is famous as renal stone breaker and helpful in renal colic, calculas in kidney. Hydrangea arborescence is popularly known as renal stone breaker.

This remedy is useful for dissolving stones found in the kidneys and its supporting organs. It is particularly work on the urinary tract with increased protests.

White or yellow colored deposition are seen in the urine. Feeling weakness in the kidney region is also a major symptom. Blood may appear in the urine.

(7) Ocimum Can

This medicine works very well when there is pain in the right side kidney stones with nausea or vomiting. There is agonizing and twisting pain occure, in which the patient screams and groans.

Renal colic is formed, where there is considerable bleeding. Urine smells like musk. Along with kidney pain, there are complaints of nasal and vomiting.

The patient has yellow or red colored urine, which is also accompanied by burning sensation.

(8) Urtica Urens

This remedy is uses just in case of very old kidney stone, it not only dissolve renal stones but also acts as a cleaning agent in the kidney. It also prevents the re-formation of stone within the kidney region and its supporting organs.

(9) Dr Reckeweg R27

This remedy is made from a mixture of several other medicines like Berberis vulgaris, Lycopodium, Nitricum acidum, Sarsaparilla.

It is also capable to remove large kidney stones or renal calculi. It relieves symptoms associated with renal stones and lower back pain and sharp shooting pains associated with painful urination.

Direction for uses- Before taking any medicine, medical supervision is necessary, consultant your physician know about doses of medicine.

Factors which increase risk of developing kidney stones:

It includes all the things that are associate with your health, diet or a history of chronic diseases that may help development of kidney stone. Let us see some things that help to increase kidney stone.

Dehydration: When the amount of water in the body is low, it cannot extract the excretory substance sufficiently. Fluid in kidney and it’s associate organs may be concentrate.

Minerals and salts become to deposit at one palce and help to formation of stones. Those who complain of kidney stone, the risk of developing stones increased due to low intake of water.

Specific diet: High intake of protein salt and sugar indict can be causes of increase risk of renal stones. Excess intake of calsium may be associate with phosphate and deposite on kidney and it’s attach organs like ureter and urinary bladder.

Overweight: obesity is directly associate with increase of risk renal stones.

Chronic diseses: Some chronic diseases that may increase your risk of renal stones include renal tubular acidosis, cystinuria, hyperparathyroidism, some other medications and some urinary tract infections(UTI).

How can you reduce risk of kidney stones?

There are many foods which can be prevent from develope stones in the kidney by consume them at certain intervals.
Coconut water acts as a diuretic and prevents stones forming in the kidney.
Corn silk is also diuretic, which if boiled and drunk with water prevents the formation of stone.
Lemon citrate found in lemons prevents crystals of calcium oxalate. Calcium plays an important role in the formation of oxalate stones.
Apart from this, almond, bitter gourd is full of magnesium and phosphate, which helps in preventing stone formation. Pyro phosphate is available in carrots which play an important role in preventing stone formation.
Along with this, the most important thing that prevents formation of stones in kidney is to drink sufficient amount of water.


After reading above article you knew that, what is kidney stones? And it’s different types, causes, and symptoms of renal stones. You also knew ” 9 best homeopathic medicines for kidney stone”. 

Homeopathic medicines are gives long life relieves as compared allopathic medicine. Homeopathy is able to completely cure of any disease.

Medical supervision is necessary before taking any of the medicines mentioned above. It is important to consult a homeopathic physician before taking the medicine, as homeopathic medicines can vary according to each person.

You can ask questions for your problem or queries related to medicines, in the comment box with your symptoms and age.

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