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The persistent problem of vertigo or dizziness, can disturb your day to day life activity. Vertigo is a sensation in which a person feel as if he is spinning or the objects is moving towards him or surroundings are moving. Homeopathic medicine is considere very effective in case of vertigo. This situation directly related to the inner ear, which is a complex structure called vestibular apparatus.

You must heard that your ears play an important role in maintaining the balance of your body. Yes, absolutely there is a device found in the inner part of your ear that maintains the balance of your body. If for some reason there is a pathological problem in inner part of ear, then because of this, one has to face a problem like vertigo or giddiness.

There are very effective medicines for diagnosing vertigo problem in homeopathy. In this article, we will give you information about the 9 best homeopathic medicine for vertigo or dizziness, and will also tell you about the cause of vertigo and its symptoms.

How your ear help to maintain your body’s balance?

When sound waves pass through the outer ear and reach to the inner ear via middle ear. After reaching inner ear, sound waves gets converted into vibrations which are transmitte further.

This vibration transmits with the help of three small bones of the middle ear called incus, malleus and stapes which are connect to the cochlea and the vestibular apparatus.

This apparatus have a nerve which carries the vibration’s signal to the brain. Here semicircular canals are present that are sensitive cells and these help the body navigation.

Further this vibration reach hair cells of clochea, which are very sensitive and then these hair send a signal to the brain with instantaneous feedback about the body’s position in surrounding or space.

Causes of vertigo

Vertigo is not a disease in itself, rather it is due to any other diseases or pathological disorder that occur in the person. The major cause of vertigo is related to your inner part of ear called as vestibular apparatus.

There are some diseases related to Vertigo which are following-
Meniere’s disease is a disorder of the inner ear whic causes severe dizziness or vertigo In this condition, a person feel ringing of whistle in the ears (tinnitus), hearing loss and feeling of fullness or congestion in ear. Meniere’s disease usually affects only one side of ear.

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is one of the most common causes of dizziness. In this condition a person feel sudden sensation that anything spinning inside of head. BPPV is more common in women than men. A head injury or any other disease of ear may make you more susceptible to BPPV.

Labyrinthitis- The two vestibular nerves are found in inner ear that send navigation and balance control information to brain. Whenever anyone of these nerve become inflamed, it creates a pathological condition known as labyrinthitis. In this condition a person suffers include vertigo, nausea, vomating and loss of hearing.

Other less common of vertigo are following-

The problem of vertigo may also be faced due to sudden decrease or increase in blood pressure. Head injury, migraine and side effect of some medicines are also causes of vertigo or dizziness.

In women, dizziness may occur after excessive bleeding during menstruation. Along with this, due to imbalance of fluids volume in the body, one also has to face problems like dizziness.

If someone suffers from a prolonged illness due to sickness, hemoglobin deficiency causes vertigo. Symptoms such as vertigo have been seen in most women with cervical spondylitis (pain in the back of the neck).

Symptoms of vertigo

The most prominent symptom of vertigo is that a person often gets dizzy at any time. This affair occurs after waking up in the morning or while walking on the way or sometimes while suddenly standing after sitting.

A person who feels dizzines has two conditions, first of all, as if he feels his head is spinning and everyone else is stable, and in the second condition it happens that the person feels that he is stable but his Everything is moving around.

In this situation the person is unable to make his balance and if he does not get any support, he can fall on the ground too.

With vertigo, the person starts feeling nausea, vomating, hearing loss, bluring eyes, sound in ear, darkness in front of the eyes and someone also has double vision. With vertigo, there may be complaints of pain in the head.
Many people hear a whistle-like sound in their ears during a vertigo.

9 Best Homeopathic Medicine For Vertigo

Homeopathic medicines help the maintain of body balance and also treat the problem of vertigo from the root cause. There’re discuss top homeopathic medicine for vertigo or dizziness in the next section alongwith symptoms of these remedies.

First match your symptoms with symptoms of these medicines, then you can select the appropriate medicine.

(1) Chininum sulph

This is one of the best homeopathic medicines for vertigo especially incase of meniere’s disease. If a person attended with different type of noises or ringing of whistle in ear and also feel deafness.

The noises in ear can be different type like ringing, high pitch sound, buzzing to a roaring in nature. Headache may also arise.

(2) Conium

This is well indicated medicine for those peoples who have problems with BPPV(Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo), which is one of the reasons for vertigo.

Its prominent symptoms are that the person feels dizzy when standing suddenly, during motion of eyes and head or when turning while sleeping in bed.

(3) Gelsemium

If someone gets darkness in front of the eyes during a dizzines problem of double vision. This cervical pain is felt in the back side of the head, you are feeling weakness and even if you have a complaint of low blood pressure.

This remedy usefull when dizzy gets worse during walking. Dim vision, headache and heaviness of eyelids also noticed.

(4) Pulsalita

Pulsatilla is an effective remedy primarily for women who offten suffering from vertigo. When the problem of a woman’s dizziness gets worse due to the delayed menses, Pulsatilla is beneficial for her.

If someone feels that the objects around him are moving in a circle, and sometimes there is nausea due to vomiting, then it is a very good medicine for them.

(5) Brayonia

Bryonia is considered an effective homeopathic medicine for the treatment of gastric vertigo. There is also a complaint of nausea along with gastric vertigo. A person gets dizzy after getting up from bed in the morning.

Vertigo is encountered when rotating or changing the position of your head and opening your eyes. It feels like all the things around are moving.

(6) Cocculus indica

It is considered to be the effective medicine for vertigo, as it covers almost all the symptoms of vertigo, or is especially useful for people who have problems with dizziness, whether on the bus, train or in a car, while traveling. In this situation vertigo complaints are accompanied by vomiting, nausea.

(7) Tabacum

This medicine works very effectively in that condition if a person has severe nausea with vertigo. In this, the patient feels comfortable with vertigo when going in the open air.

(8) Argentum nitricum

This remedy well work in case of dizziness with debility and trembling, when there is much mental confusion. Person feel as if houses would fall on him when he is walking on road. If vertigo related with any diseases of the brain and eyes then in this situation it also well work.

(9) Phosphorus

This medicine is very useful in the case of vertigo for people of slightly older aged people who have physical weakness, dizziness often comes more in the morning and hungry stomach. It well work in case of sexual abuse and any nerve debility.

Direction for uses- Before taking any medicine, medical supervision is necessary, consultant your physician know about doses of medicine.

Bottom line

After reading above article you knew that, what is vertigo or dizziness? And it’s causes and symptoms in briefly. You also knew ” 9 homeopathic medicine for vertigo”.  Homeopathic medicines are gives long life relieves as compared conventional medicine.

Homeopathy is able to completely cure of root cause of any disease. Medical supervision is necessary before taking any of the medicines mentioned above.

It is important to consult a homeopathic physician before taking the medicine, as homeopathic medicines can vary according to each person.

You can ask questions about your problem, doses of remedy etc in the comment box with your symptoms and age.

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