Best Homeopathic Medicines For Immunity booster

We’re going to discuss about the what is Immunity? and in this article you will also know that what is best homeopathic medicines for immunity booster?. As you have seen how covid19 took the form of a global epidemic and harmed peoples at large scale. In this epidemic type of infection, it is very important to strengthen our immune system because only a strong immune system can enable the body to fight against diseases like Ebola, Flu, Carona, sars etc. and can protect us from such diseases. Let us see what is an immune system and it’s type and how does it work?, Then we will know all about best Homeopathic medicines for immunity booster.

What is Immunity?

The human body has ability to resist almost all types of diseases causing micro-organisms or toxic materials that tend to damage tissues/organs. This capibility of our body is called “immunity”.

There is an inbuilt defense mechanism present in our body, which protects us from bacteria, viruses or other types of disease causing micro-organisms. In other words we can say our body has army protection system, which are fight against pathogens.

Do you know that our immune system fights millions of harmful micro orgnisms every day? And keeps our body healthy. Our immune system plays the biggest role in this.

A strong immune system only enables you to fight against such minor diseases, as a result it keep safe to us. In the absence of a functioning immune system, even it is a smaller and less effective organism can also cause great harm by invading our body.

Types of Immunity

The human body has two types of Immunity-

(1) Innate Immunity

Innate Immunity is also called inborn immunity, because we get this type of immunity with birth. It is also called non-specific defence machenism because it works against all kinds of microbes.

This type of immun response immediately or within minutes/hours of after microbes attacked in the body. Innate Immunity consists of Physical barrier (e.g. skin), Chemical barrier (e.g. tears of eyes and lysozyme of saliva), Cellular barrier (e.g wbc) and Physiological barrier (interopheron).

Innate Immunity makes the human bodies resistance to such types of animals disease like cattle plague, hog cholera, distemper viruses of dogs etc.

(2) Acquired or Adaptive Immunity

Most of immunity occured in our body is acquired immunity that does not develope until after the body is first attacked by viruses, bacteria, or other types of toxies substance. It requires weeks/months to develop immunity.

It is also called specific immunity. B -cell immunity/humoral immunity and T -cell immunity/cell mediated immunity both are two basic type and closely allied of acquired immunity. These immunity excited by entering antigen in our our body.

Effects on health due to weak immunity

Human’s health is badly affects due to low immunity. The body is not able to fight even minor diseases. The body is easily susceptible to all types of disease causing microbes.

A person’s body starts getting sick again and again. As the weather changes, a person is prone to colds or viral infection again and again. As a result after illness, he is not able to recover quickly.

There is always a feeling of restlessness and fatigue due to which the person is not able to remain active. Even Small wounds do not heal quickly when any one infected. In short, a variety of problems are encountered when the immune system is weak.

Symptoms of weaker immunity

Low immunity can cause some symptoms to appear on your body, which are given below.

  • During the weather changes, often/reccuring suffers from viral infections or flue
  • Feeling of tired during work.
  • Do not heal the wound quickly.
  • frequently pneumonia, diarrhea or constipation etc.
  • lungs and kidneys often infected with different type of disease.
  • Not getting well soon after illness.
  • Frequently allergic tendency

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Causes of weaker immunity

You must have seen that the people of earlier times lived perfectly healthy and fit because the biggest reason behind this was their food and healthy lifestyle. offcourse food habitat and lifestyle have a very positive effect on our health.

This not only enables us to fight various types of diseases but also to enjoy life to the fullest. The great reason for low immunity is following-

  • Inappropriate diet/unhealthy diet
  • Lack of proper sleep/insomnia
  • Absences of regular outdoor activities and exercises
  • Taking more junk/fast food
  • obesity is also causes of weaken immunity
  • Often use of antibiotics
  • Due to imbalance of body fluids like blood, bile, phlegm etc

On the hand some immunodeficiency disorders like HIV, Hepatitis etc also can decrease immunity at large scale.

How can Homeopathy help to boost your immunity?

You can increase your immunity with help homeopathic medicine in the naturally way. It encourage the body to protect itself. Homeopathic medicines provide long-term relief rather than immediate relief so that it is very effective in increasing immunity. Now we’re going to discuss about 6 best homeopathic medicines for immunity booster.

6 Best Homeopathic medicines for immunity booster

(1) Arsenicum album

Arsenic album in 30ch potency used especially for treatment of respiratory and throat infection. So that it also help in relives from wezzing, cough and breathing problems. It is considere best Homeopathic remedy for increasing immunity. It’s key benifits is following

  • Quick improvement of immune system
  • It give relief from weakness and also reduces fever
  • Help in reducing respiratory disease symptoms like dry cough & cold
  • Relives from mental stress and anxiety
  • Relief in acidity

(2) Tinospora cordifolia Q

Tinospora cordifolia Q(mother tincture) also known as Giloy. Gilloy is using from an ancient time for different types of diseases. Tinospora cordifolia gives best results in mother tincture (Q) form for immun booster. cordifolia help in enhancement of White blood cells(Wbc) count and also blood platelets.

By increasing WBC count, it stimulates your immune system, so that immune system is prepared against pathogens, bacteria, viruses or other toxic etc. Tinospora cord contain antioxidant properties.

It is also good for liver. It also help in removal of cholesterol from blood because it reduces lipoprotein which are responsible for cholesterol. It’s key benifits is following

  • Boost immun system
  • It help in incresing WBCs count and platelets
  • Give relief from headache
  • Relives from backpain and joint pain
  • Reduces frequently to fall ill

(3) Echinacea angustrifolia Q

Echinacea ang Q is considere one of the best immunity booster Homeopathic remedy. Often it is used in mother tincture form for best results in case of low immunity.

Instead of immunity booster, it also used in different type of disease. It gives just relief from common cold and cough. A also used for correction of blood dyscrasia( purification of blood).

Very helpful in reccuring boil and skin infection. It is also helpful in acute auto infection. It’s key benefits is following

  • Give relief in weakness and tierdness
  • Helpful in cold-flu symptoms
  • Reduces inflammation in any part of body
  • Relief in fever with cold and nausea
  • It is work on salivary gland and treat dry mouth condition
  • Usefull in blood dyscrasia which lead to boost immunity

(4) Ocimum sanctum Q

Ocimum sanctum available in mother tincture (Q) form and it is considere best medicine as immunity booster either homeopathy or ayurvedic medicine system.

It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties, so it can better cure of cold and cough and also prevents from it. It also useful in skin disease like anche and Fungs infection. It’s key benifits is following

  • Prevents from seasonal common cold and cough
  • Give relief in throat and chest pain
  • Increses appetite
  • Relief in reccuring cough and sneezing
  • Relives in muscles pain and headache
  • keep safe from diarrhea and dysentery in rainy season

(5) Alpha WD

Alpha wd is best Homeopathic Medicines for immunity booster in especially adults. It make a protective shield against any viral or bacterial infection. Alpha wd quickly recover in low immunity case.

It improve lymphatic system of body which are responsible for strong immune system. It also show detoxification in body. It’s key benifits is following

  • Improve immunity responsible elements in your body
  • Prevents recurrent respiratory infection
  • Detoxifying body fluid
  • Help in allergic reduces tendency
  • Quick recovery of heath after infection

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Immune booster especially for children

(6) Munostim

Munostim recommend especially for “childrens”. It stimulates immunity and prevent repeated seasonally viral infection. And help to overcome side effects of vaccination in children.

Direction of uses

Before taking any medicine, medical supervision is necessary consultant your physician know about doses of medicine.

How can we maintain our Immunity

If you take care of some things in your daily routine and are conscious of your health you can keep your immunity strong without medication. You can boost your immunity by following method which are given below.

  • You must take proper sleep 7 to 8 hours daily. Your immune system prepare itself during this time.
  • healthy and balance diet in which “green leafy vegetables” should be given more importance. Use salad with food as well. Excess intake of fast/junk food can reduce immunity.
  • Consume more frouit that contains “vitamin C”, because vitamin C is responsible for strong immunity.
  • Alcohol and smoking are the main reasons for lowering immunity.
  • Do breathing exercises and yoga at least 10 minutes daily because It is helpful in increasing your immunity naturally.
  • Pay attention to the cleanliness of your body and frequently wash your hands before eating and drinking.
  • Reduce the intake of antibiotic because it kill the good bacteria present in your intestinal part which are necessary for digestion.

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Bottom line

In conclusion after reading above all article you knew that, what’s is immunity? And it’s type in briefly. You also knew ” Best Homeopathic medicines for immunity booster”. 

Homeopathic medicines are gives long life relieves as compared allopathic/conventional medicine. Homeopathy is able to completely cure of any disease. Medical supervision is necessary before taking above all of the medicines mentioned .

It is important to consult a homeopathic physician before taking the medication, as homeopathic medicines can vary according to each person’s symptoms.

You can ask questions about any medicine, your problems/diseases and doses of medicine in the comment box with your symptoms and age.

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