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Scabies is a contagious skin infection caused by a very tiny microscopic mite known as the Sarcoptes scabiei. This tinny mite can’t inspect through normal eyes. scabies also known as itching mites due to causes of intense itching especially in night. In this article we talk about causes of scabies, symptoms and scabies treatment by traditional and home remedies for skin itch mites and by other means too.

What is scabies mites?

Scabies is a tinny microscopic mites that have 8 legs. It make burrows under the outer surface of humans skin and lays eggs on it. 8 to 15 mites can live in single person of body.

Mostly scabies mites are occupies in under arms, wrist, joints of hand and legs, thighs, arround belly button, between fingers and toes even reach private parts also.

This mites leave their waste products so that produces intense itching especially at night. Instead of itching, red rashes, bumps, pustular erruption on skin may also appears. Usually itching appear in that places where mites make their burrows.

Scabies infection can be live between several weeks to 3 to 4 months in a person. Scabies mites quickly spread one person to another via any physical contact either handshake or hug.

Since all members of whole family become infected from one person who are infected with scabies. So that the treatment of whole family begain togather. Otherwise complete cure does not possible.

What is causes of scabies?

More than 100 millions cases per years are comes of scabies infestation in whole world. Scabies mites found in more crowded areas or in that country where population are high and peoples are living to closely.

School, college, railway station, nurshing home, and factory may be well carrier for speeding these mites. Because all of these are crowded places where different types of hygienic and unhygienic people comes in contact with one another.

Scabies is easily posses one person to another. So that if in any family, any member infected with these mite then all members of that family may infect via bed sharing, any types physical contact and clothes sharing etc.

Scabies does not sexually transmitted disease, it is only spred via physical contact. Scabies mites can lives upto 2 days outside of your body.

Common site of mite’s burrows in young and adults:

  • Armpit
  • Wrist
  • Between fingers and toes
  • Thigh
  • Under elbow and knee joints
  • Penis
  • Buttok
  • Testis
  • Nipples

Usually scabies mites are not reach above neck e.g. face, head etc. But in some case of children especially toddler and very old person, mites reach also that reason.

What is symptoms of scabies?

Although you can’t see the scabies mites from naked eyes but you see their irritative sign and symptoms of scabies on your skin. This symptoms products due to interaction between your skin and waste products of mites. Scabies skin lesions, and also produce causes of itchy red bump on skin. The most common symptoms include-

  • Intense itching
  • Red rashes in armpit, chest, nipples, belly area, thigh, buttock
  • Vesicular erruption in between fingers, wrist and toes.
  • Hives and bump under skin
  • Vesicular erruption on palm

During itching, person does not get relief from scratches of skin and further also feel intense burning after scratching off skin. Itching go worse during night. This is the recognisable symptoms of scabies.

What is Treatment of scabies?

Usually scabies is self curable disease in most of case if you take any of the proper natural remedies or ointments, lotion and cream etc that can be applied directly to your skin of whole body besides above to neck resion.

If you take prescription from docter after carefully check up and confirmation of scabies infection, then your docter prescribes for any of following onitment, crem/lotion or other scabies killer medicine.

  • 5 percent permethrin cream or lotion
  • 25 percent benzyl benzoate lotion
  • 1 persent lindane lotion
  • 10 percent sulfur ointment
  • 10 percent crotamiton cream

Process of application of mites crem/lotion and onitment

Any one of these crem, lotion or onitment, or prescribes by docter, you can apply your whole body besides above neck resion i.e face and head. Docter will recommend you to apply this crem/lotion at night because this time mites are being active.

After 7 days you must be apply that crem again and consequently keep continue every 7 days for upto 4 week. After that you will not use this crem or ointments again.

Itching may appear during application of cream and may also go upto more than 4 week but after that confirm be relieve. Generally after 1 st week application of cream, improvement are visible. Itch may decrease day by day gradually.

Itching may appear after death of mites due to remaining waste of mites body which are causes of mild itching and gradually decreased.

During application of that cream/lotion or onitment, you must be wash your clothes and towels, and bedsheet cover in warm water. Which clothes are not washable, keep under sun ligh.

Instead of cream, lotion and onitment your doctor also prescribes additional medication e.g. antibiotics for bacterial infection, antihistamine for itching and also steroids for reducing swelling or itching further.

If after 4 week this treatment, your Itching didn’t go or reduce, you must cantact your doctor for further medication.

Scabies treatment in children may differ from adults. Because scabies rashes in children may get worse. And scabies symptoms in adult are different.

Natural treatment for scabies?

Instead of conventional medication, you can also use natural remedies for scabies treatment. Natural medicine have not any side effects. So natural remedies may helpful for sarcoptes scabiei treatment.

Some peoples may experience skin related troubles like burning, swelling, rashes due to side effects of those mite cream or onitment. But these unwanted effects become temporary.

Yet, you don’t want to experience these type of unwanted side effects so you have option for using natural medicine or Homeopathic medicines. So let’s see some general natural remedies for scabies treatment which are easily available also.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that may help you from scabies mites infection and reduce Itching and irritaion. But in severe case or that mites which are lay egg under deep skin, it doesn’t we’ll work.

Since some researches(✓) show that tea tree oil work in starting phase of infection. So you can use it according to your current condition. If you have any type allergy from tea tree oil, then you shouldn’t take it.

Neem soap

Neem soap and it’s products is best treatment for scabies. Because neem has antibacterial and anti inflammatory property, so it is use in treatment of mites removal. Neem is a major ingredients of many antibacterial, antifungal and anti mites soap, cream, oil, lotion and onitment.

Some study(✓) show that application of neem oil or neem products kill the mites and help also from itching in scabies infection.

Clove oil

Clove oil is an essential oil that are very useful in itch mites infection. According to small study(✓) of researchers proven that clove oil may benificial for scabies.

Instead of clove oil, other essential oil like levender oil, Lemmon grass oil are also help in killed the mite these oil are also called as natural bug killer

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is well know home remedies for skin affection. It has found a compound called as benzyl benzoate. It is very helpful in sun burning on skin.

A one study(✓) go in favour of aloevera for treatment of scabies mites and give relives from itching and burning.

These home remedies have not more evidence and sufficient data that can prove best home remedies for itch mites. Since it is besed upon a small groups of researches, so if you found relieve after apply it’s oil, cream and onitment etc. You can continue it further.

Prevention of scabies?

Topical scabies is self curable with anti mites cream, lotion and onitment or natural remedies. But savere or crusty scabies treatment done by both anti mites cream and oral medication.

For the prevention from itch mites, first you should not close contact with that person who is infected with scabies. Since these mites live for 3 to 4 days out side of your body, so that you must be wash your clothes, bed cover, pilo, towels etc in hot water, after comes contact with infectious person.

Personal hygiene should be maintain with good quality of soap bathing daily. Try to prevent himself go to unwanted unhygienic crowded places.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about scabies?

(1) Can scabies from a dog get on human?

No, there is no sufficient evidence for this transmission. Since pet’s mites become different from human itch mites. Dog’s mite can’t live on humans skin.

(2) Who can get scabies?

Anyone. These mites spread very fast from infected person to non infected via contact to contact. Once if you contact with infected person, then you can’t get rid of this mites until take proper medication.

(3) How to Scabies infestation diagnose?

Scabies mites are very tiny mites that can’t seen by naked eyes. They make burrows under the top layer of skin. Some times very small white colour zig zag lines are appear on skin. There are burrows of that mites. Expert docter check these burrow for scabies diagnosis.

Medical professional confirm scabies infestation to recognise burrows, rashes and egg of mite to take skin scraping and test under microscope.

(4) How long does Scabies lost?

Scabies can live on humans skin more than 2-3 months. They complete their life cycle on their single host i.e human. It is very deficult to get rid of them without proper medication.

Scabies mites can live 3 to 4 days out side of their host. Scabies mites will die if keep it temperature on over 50 degree celsius for 10 minutes.

(5) Is scabies curable?

Yes, scabies is completely curable if you take prescription according to your docter. Anti mites cream, lotion and onitment are also available which are used as scabicides.

Because these cream and onitment kill the mites and their eggs. No over the counter treatment for scabies available in market so please carefully do not take self oral medicine.

(6) Can scabies come back after treatment?

Scabies eggs and mites scabies become dead after successful treatment but yet itching and scabies rashes after treatment may persist for one or two week more. But intensity of Itching become gradually decrease.

(7) Can I get scabies twice?

Yes, your body don’t make any immunity against itch mites. First attack by mites on human become slow and take upto 2 to 4 week to produce Itching and other symptoms. But second time, if again infected with these mites, symptoms comes quickly than previously.

(8) Can I use permethrin everyday?

No. You should not use permethrin on daily bases. Because you may suffer from worse side effects of these cream and onitment.

(9) What is most effective scabies onitment or cream for treatment?

Permethrin 5% is best medicine for scabies and most common scabies rash cream or best scabies lotion for successful treatment. You can use it cream for scabies over the counter medicine.

(10) What are antibiotics available for crusted scabies?

Ivermectin (Stromectol) is consider best antibiotics for crusted scabies among other antibiotics. But these medicines should be take under proper guidance of medical supervision.

Bottom line

Now you have been completely aware about Scabies causes and treatment. You should be prevent yourself from dirty crowded places and also maintain personal hygiene. Because if once itch mites make borrow in your skin then without medication it does not cure easily.

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