Top 5 Homeopathic Medicine For Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction may be cause of sexual impotency. That further lead to sterility. It has been being a global troubles for youngsters and married couples. There are various types of physiological ans psychological troubles may aries from premature ejaculation.

In the last few years, the case of infertility increase among newly married couples. Behind the resion of this fact absolutely go to sexual debility. Because of sexual debility most of peoples are becoming unfit for procreation/childbirth.

There may be several reasons for erectile dysfunction. There are some very effective medicines available for impotency in homeopathy, which can completely cure erectile dysfunction. First of all, we will discuss about what is premature ejaculation?, and its cause and then its top 5 and some other accessory homeopathic medicine for premature ejaculation or impotency.

What is Premature ejaculation?

During sexual intercourse, when male partner is unable to maintain the erection of their penis, or the erection of his penis end within one minute. Sometimes due to lack of sexual desire in mind, the erection does not come in the penis as proper way.

This is normal if you have to face such a situation rarely or one or two time in months, but this condition often comes or you have been facing this situation for a long time, then it can be a serious condition, and it can be indicative of erectile dysfunction.

Due to erectile dysfunction, male partners have to face not only physical problems, but also mental problems. First all, we will konw that what is the causes of erectile dysfunction? Let us know some of the major reasons that cause erectile dysfunction.

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Causes of erectile Dysfunction

(1) Mental or pcycological causes

The most case of premature ejaculation seen generally due to psychological thinking. Offcourse, this is seen in most of the cases, who are also complaining of erectile dysfunction.

The biggest reason for this is that they are mentally stressed. Such people either remain confused about their virility, or depression due to disturbance in their professional life or their family life. Due to which their married life is not happy.

And when it comes after making sexual relations, then they are not able to succeed and start considering it as their impotency. Due to which the depression increases and the situation becomes more serious.

Many peoples try to make the same sexual relationship with their partner by motivating them through TV commercials ad or the Internet, but when they are unable to perform as they are thinking or they have watched, then they can be mentally depresses. And later they face erectile dysfunction or related problems.

(2) Physical causes

  • Sometime the case erectile dysfunction have also been seen due to hormonal imbalance. Low level of testosteron hormones, may creat sexual debility. Those people haven’t sufficient amount of testosterone hormone level, can’t gain sexual desire, due to which they are unable to maintain their erection as well.
  • Erectile dysfunction has been also seen in some cases due to diabetes, Parkinson’s or any other chronic disease.
  • Obesity is also a cause of erectile dysfunction, seen mostly in obese people, they are sexually unfit. Such complaints are seen in such people who do not do any physical activity or exercise.
  • People who have undergone prostate surgery or have any type an injury or surgery in their pelvic region may also have erectile dysfunction.
  • Erectile dysfunction is also reported due to increase in cholesterol level or due to heart related diseases i.e. arithrosclerosis etc.
  • People who consume excessive amounts of tobacco products or other harmful smoking, alcohol etc. also face problems like erectile dysfunction.
  • Since childhood, the probability of erectile dysfunction increases significantly in people who do masterbation several times a day.
  • Erectile dysfunction can also occur in men due to lack of strong bonding between husband and wife or due to lack of emotionally attachments.
  • With increasing age men begin to become sexually inactive, as erectile dysfunction becomes common in this age.

Top 5 homeopathic medicine for premature ejaculation

Now we’re going to discuss about top 5 selected homeopathic medicine which are very infallible and well indicated for premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Before giving of any medicine below first match exact symptoms of medicine with patients symptoms.

(1) Agnus castus

Agnus castus is a excellent homeopathic remedy which used for sexual weakness and where no desire and power of sexual activity at all. It is very potent remedy for impotency and sterility especially in male.

specific symptoms in patients- Agnus castus recommend in that case where-

  • Patient’s sexual life completely ruined from their sexual abuse and excesses in initial age.
  • Due to recurring attack of gonorrhoea in past life.
  • Entire Impotency along with relaxation and coldness of genitals organs.
  • Absence of sexual power and desire.
  • Scanty emission without ejaculation in penis even during extraordinary excitement.
  • Testes feel cold, swollen even hard and painful.
  • Gleety discharge but no sexual desire.

(2) Selenium

Selenium is one of the most infallible medicine for sexual debility. It is usually recommend for elderly persons in case of prostatitis, spermatorrhoea, priapism, impotency and weakness of sexual organs.

specific symptoms in patients– Selenium prescribe in that case where-

  • Loss of sexual ability or power due to erotic fancies.
  • Involuntary dribbling of semen while sleeping (spermatorrhea).
  • Insufficient ejaculation, penis relax soon during coitus.
  • Involuntary fluid oozes during sitting and stool passes.

(3) Lycopodium

Lycopodium is best homeopathic medicine for for premature ejaculation or impotency in both young and old person.

specific symptoms in patients

  • Patient’s impotency come from sexual excess or onanism.
  • Small, cold and relaxing penis.
  • Strong desire of sexual activity but unable to perform or absence of erection especially in old peoples.
  • Premature ejaculation during coitus
  • Patient fall asleep during sexual intercourse.

(4) Phosphoricum acidum (Phos acid)

Phos acid is recommend homeopathic medicine for premature ejaculation and impotency in any age groups.

specific symptoms in patients-

  • Suffer from frequently nightfall.
  • Sexuality suppress due to mental sadness or depression
  • Semen or seminal fluids discharge during night and defecation.
  • Penis comes relaxing stages during embrace with partner.
  • Problem come from sexual excess

(5) Staphisagria

Staphisagria is one of the top homeopathic medicine for to get rid of excessive masturbation habits in especially young adults. It is too infallible medicine for impotency or premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

specific symptoms in patients-

  • excessive habits of masturbation and feel much guilty.
  • Feel weakness and much prostration after sexual abuse.
  • Strong and intolerable sexual desire.
  • Continuous thinking about sexual or erotic things.
  • Spermatorrhoea due to highly sexual abuse
  • Sexual organs very sensitive to touch even feel pain from touching undergarments.
  • Feeling of great weakness after semen fluid discharge during night (nightfall).

Other common homeopathic remedies for impotency:

Caladium– Especially for impotency after mental depression. Patients desire to sexual activity but penis remain relax. Absence of erection or emission even after embracement.

Calcaria carb– Impotency after excessive masturbation in early ages. Feel very much weakness after intercourse.

Conium mac- Best homeopathic medicine for erectile dysfunction and impotency caused by suppression of sexual desire especially in old age peoples.

How to prevent premature ejaculation without medication?

Most of people’s come under depression whenever know that they are not able to maintain erection for longer time. It may take a time to recover their vitality and be completely cure. Often impotency related troubles are seen young adults especially after marriage.

Usually peoples asked how to treat erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation? And how to overcome premature ejaculation problem? You can prevent your premature emission by some following easy way:-

  • Avoid excessive sexual abuses
  • Take healthy foods and avoid spicy foods especially before coitus
  • Avoid taking excessive alcoholic beverages
  • Can masturbation before one or two hours coitus
  • Prevent yourself from any unnecessary erotic fancies during whole time
  • Don’t use any artificial exciting spray during intimate with your partner
  • Take a deep breath just before feeling of ejaculation
  • Prevent yourself from any extraordinary excitement activities during copulation
  • Avoid any bad type of mental sexual thoughts during whole day


A recent study show that more than 90 parsent case of impotency or premature ejaculation was due to only psychological. You should away from such type illusionic media advertising associated with increase sexual power. There is no any supplement available for premature ejaculation.

Due to mental debility they can’t perform their best in bed. Therefore you should prevent yourself from these misconception and misinformation about sex time. Whether yet you unable to self help you can contact homeopathic consultant for further help.

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