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Typhoid is a curable but sometimes fatal diseases which is causes by bacteria called as “Salmonella typhimurium (Salmonella typhi). It is transmit by contaminants water and foods via human to human contact. Since this bacteria spread via contaminants foods and water so where peoples maintain their social and personal hygiene, typhoid fever doesn’t occur that places.

This is the main reason, typhoid infection existing mostly poor and undevelpe countries. Unhygienics places are give opportunity to transmition this bacteria. Globally, arround 21.5 million peoples are affecting by Typhoid infection yearly. Early detection of typhoid and proper treatment can easily cure but late in treatment may be fatal.


Typhoid is bacterial infection and it’s major cause of infection contaminants foods and water. Its causative agent salmonella typhi easily grow in water and soil. Instead of contaminants food and water, high sun heat in summer session also one of the causes of typhoid.

Typhoid’ bacteria enter in human with contaminants foods or drinking water. After reaching in intestine, it enter blood stream and then reach other organs of human. Domestic files are play great role to contamination to foods and water.

Other ways to causes of typhoid fever:

  • Taking contaminated raw vegitables with waste stool fertilizer.
  • Contact with typhoid infected person.


once person infected with salmonella typhi, it take one to three week to express their sign and symptoms. In other we can say typhoid symptoms develop gradually. The major symptoms of following-

  • Low to High continue fever (upto 104°F)
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Muscles ache
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhoea or constipation
  • Rash
  • Weakness

Continuous high fever and rashes on neck and abdomen are main indicative symptoms to diagnose typhoid easily. You can also diagnose with laboratory test for confirmation. Widal test is done for confirmation of typhoid.


After seeing sign and symptoms of patients, first going to laboratory for diagnose and after confirmation you should consult doctor.

Doctor prescribe antibiotics to kill salmonella typhi and antipyretic medicine for overcome febrile condition of patients. You must complete antibiotics course upto 10 to 14 days.

If you doesn’t want antibiotics or conventional medicine, then you can go for alternative medicine like Homeopathy. Good Homeopathic doctor can diagnose typhoid with only according to your symptoms without any lab test. And prescribes medicine according to individual symptoms.

Not only medicine but also you should take proper rest and diet. During treatment of typhoid fever don’t use contaminants foods and water and take healthy foods and fruits too.


You can prevent from typhoid fever or other bacterial infection easily, if you maintain personal and social hygienic in house and outside too. Because salmonella typhi bacteria transmitted by contaminants foods and drinking water.

Clean your toilet and bathroom regularly and prevent to domestic flies in your house. Because these flies sit on infected areas so these spread easily one place to another.

  • Wash your hands– Frequently wash your hand with soap and running water. It is considered first important steps to prevent typhoid and other bacterial infection. Wash your hand after toilet. Wash your hand before eating something. So that you can prevent from typhoid.
  • Don’t use raw vegetables and fruits without proper wash- You must use any types of raw vegetables and fruits after proper wash with water because they may be infect with salmonella typhi.
  • Use filter or boiled water- Drinking water should be always pure either filters or boils. Avoid public tank water for drink because may be present salmonella typhi here. You should keep packed corbonated water to drink in journey.
  • Avoid street foods- Always avoid street or unhealthy foods like chat, pakodi, gol gappe and chaumeen etc. Especially in rainy season street foods may be contaminated with harmful bacteria like salmonella typhi etc.
  • Make your immunity strong– As well as possible you should try to avoid unhealthy, junk foods and make strength your immunity. Strong immune may help you against harmful bacterial infection.
  • Take healthy foods- Fresh vegitables and fruits may help to build up your immune system. Leafy vegitables like spinach, cauliflower etc and vitamin c filled fruits like oranges, guavas, lemon etc are helpful to prevention against bacterial disease.

Bottom line

Typhoid fever is manageable with proper treatment and precautions. In early stages, it is easily cure but later stages can be risky. Rainy and summer session are suitable for typhoid fever. Because in this session, enable foods and beverages may be easily contaminants with harmful bacteria. So prevent yourself from these risk factors and saves your health.

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