Homeopathy and it’s history

Homeopathy and it's history

About Dr. CFS Hohnemann

Homeopathy and it’s history is very interesting. The great german physician Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (1755–1843) invented a new method of medicine practice as a homeopathy in the late 18th century. It was based on the principle of symmetry (simillia similibus curentre) i.e. a disease is treated with the medicine whose symptoms are similar to that of the disease.

The most important thing about homeopathy medicine is that the drugs are tested on a perfectly healthy person. Homeopathy medicine is not tested at all on a sick person or any animals. Because the sick person does not tell about the symptoms generated by that Medicine. Similarly any animal is unable to do this. So only healthy person can be selected for drug testing because he can give proper information about the symptoms that occur after taking the medicine.

How work Homeopathy

You can also think of it as- Allium cepa, a homeopathic medicine, which if given to a healthy person, will cause comman cold like symptoms. If it is given to the person who is suffering from a cold, then that person’s symptoms of colds cease. And he becomes perfectly healthy.

You will be very surprised to know that Hahnemann was a very famous allopathy doctor of Germany. Later he became very disgusted with allopathy and after seeing its side effects. He was deeply hurt and he invented a new method which is knowing today Homeopathy.

History of homeopathy

It is considere that the history of homeopathy is more than 2000 years old. Hippocrates and Paracelsus also knew the principle of symmetry in medicine. Due to lack of sufficient resources and adequate research facilities, this was ignored. Yet we can estimate about more than 200 years of Homeopathic journey.

Hahnemann received an MD degree from Erlangen University at just 24 years of age. But sometime after starting the practice of medicine, he did not intrested in allopathy. Because at that time the much more people suffering from malaria in Germany and at that time, there was no effective medicine for malaria. Seeing this situation, Hahnemann’s mind got very upset .

He decided to leave his medical practice. Due to this decision, king of Germany ordered him to leave Germany.

He then moved to France and started some other work. Hahnemann was a specialist of  many languages ​​and can translate to one language to another. He had translated many medicine and drugs related articles into another language at that time.

Once while he was studying on Cincona, he found that the symptoms of Cincona resemble those of people infected with malaria. Alike he did many research and by the end of the 18th century. Hohnemann did research on such drugs and its symptoms related with patients and He Laid the foundation of homeopathy.

Sources of homeopathic medicine

The sources of Homeopathic drugs including-

  • Plant kingdom
  • Animal kingdom
  • Minerals kingdom
  • Sarcode
  • Nosode
  • Imponderavilla
  • Synthetic materials

Homeopathy’s arrival and expansion in India

The credit of bringing homeopathic to India is given to some Christian missionaries who first propagated it in West Bengal. It is also said that, when Maharaja Ranjit Singh fell ill, his medical treatment was done by homeopathy. Then homeopathy gradually spread throughout India.

The first unofficial Pharmacopoeia in India was published in 1893 brought by M. Bhattacharya and co. Calcutta’s efforts. This is known as the .“Pharmaceutical Manual”.

In 1971, the official pharmacopoeia of homeopathy was formed and 1 year after that, homeopathic was officially recognized in India as medicine.

Many wrong and misconceptions are sitting in the minds of people regarding homeopathy medicine, which is neither being resolved by the government nor any special institution is coming forward for it. It is very important so that this misconceptions can remove and people can get proper information about homeopathy.l

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Homeopathy is the second most successful medical practice in the world after allopathy. The biggest reason for the popularity of homeopathy medicine is that it is able to eliminate the root causing of any disease along with it there are no side effects.

Many people are unable to take advantage of this medical system due to lack of proper information. Homeopathic remedies are widely using in whole world and in coming days it will stabilizes as universal acceptance medical systems.

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